September 11, 2017

Great Dane & A Golden

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It’s been a couple of years and I thought it would be fun to do an update of Sir W an his old friend and old neighbor Tyesen, the Great Dane. The first photo I took of them was in April of 2014 and he was a tiny little puppy next to Denali and Sir Wilbur. Three years later, Tyesen is 125 to Sir W’s 73 pounds. Wow..It was so cute when they saw each other, Sir W went to the ground and squealed with delight and waggled his tail like crazy as Tyesen started to sniff and play with him. I honestly think they remember each made my heart melt. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Ballet Class

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I have the girls enrolled in a beginners ballet class. They have these adorable outfits to wear, depending on their mood, they might wear them. Since it’s just the beginning of the session, I wanted a photo of them. Little G took off her tutu and started to pout so I put it on Wilbur, then big G wanted to hug W instead of posing for a photo. However, Sir W did good and posed for the photo. Have a great weekend everyone !

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Pear Trees

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This is how Sir W spent the majority of this past weekend. My neighbors have a pear tree close to our fence, they have been dropping non stop and it has been driving him crazy. He will start out standing, then after a wee bit he will lay down and possibly start talking about them. Sir W is well fed due to the girls and me, but he always wants more. Hope you’re having a good Labor Day weekend everyone !

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Sir W is a good sport, I have to admit. I was informed by my daughters that they wanted to play with him on their playground. As usual, I did not think much of it, but then I realized that they wanted him ON their playground. So I reluctantly picked up Wilbur and brought him to the girls. They were happy and so was he. You’re awesome Wilbur.. Have a great weekend everyone !
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September 4, 2017

Grocery Shopping

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Does this ever happen to anyone after grocery shopping? You set the bags down and the inspectors come. First it was Wilbur, shocking, yes… then little G comes to help. She actually picks up the bags and tries to carry them while Sir W looks to see if anything might be open. Speaking of being open, on this occasion seconds after I shot this, I noticed Wilbur had a blueberry bagel in his mouth. Apparently the bagel bag was ripped and he was hungry. My husband and I tried to take the remaining bagels away, but he got two. Well, have a good week everyone!

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Snow Lake

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We took the family on a little vacation to Snow Lake in Indiana. The girls had a total blast playing on a little beach and everything was great until we had to put life jackets on the girls. Wow the drama, after screaming, tears, laying on the ground kicking, they started to calm down when I got Sir W’s jacket. The girls watched carefully as I put on his jacket and agreed to wear theirs too. Love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Solar Eclipse

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Apparently we are going to have a solar eclipse today. I have seen a ton of news stories about it and this is the little that I know. They say not to look into the sun and if you do, you need the trendy NASA glasses. Well, we do not have the official glasses, but for this post, I found these glasses in Wilbur’s drawer and plopped them on his head along with his yellow hat. Sir W will be inside when it occurs, sound asleep on his belly snoring loudly, since it happens during the girls nap time. Also, they say it’s very important to keep your pets inside. So anyways, have a good Monday!

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Potty Training

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Potty training has been an interesting journey for the whole family. Toddler G is just about 100% potty trained for preschool. However, she has a new request, and that is to have someone join her while on the toilet. It’s not me nor my husband that she asks for, it’s Wilbur. Apparently she needs a foot rest and Sir W has no problem with it. Lovely…Have a great weekend everyone!

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August 15, 2017

A Walk in the Park

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I can honestly tell you that Sir W has been doing amazing with other dogs. So far we have attended 3 to 4 walks along the Maumee River with A Walk in the Park and Sir W is improving every time. Even last week, we visited A Walk in the Park and Sir W was in a room without a collar or leash playing with other dogs. Shocking…YES!! Well, here’s happy Sir W yesterday during the morning walk with some new friends. Have a great week everyone!

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10 years in business

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In August of 2007 I launched my Denali The Dog greeting card business with 5 cards. It’s amazing that 10 years and 44 cards later, I’m still plugging along, not giving up on my little business that Denali and I created. Over the years, I’ve had lots of popular cards, but none have been in demand as my Sir Wilbur, Donald Trump card. Locally at Walt Churchill’s in Maumee, Ohio, I had to use two slots for my President Trump cards because they keep on selling out. It’s amazing how many smiles you can get from adding a wig, a little bit of hairspray and a suit, to a very patient dog. Thank you Denali and Sir W for putting up with me and my fun ideas. Thanks to all of you for supporting me over the years.

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