April 17, 2008

The Daily Biscuit: Dog And Sheep Best Friends, First Dog In Space And London Helps Solve Seizure Problem

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Spring time in Ohio makes Denali happy 

“The Daily Biscuit” is our look at the doggy world. We search for the latest and greatest stories from around the Web detailing the lives of dogs and their owners.

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Today’s Treats:

A dog and a sheep are now best friends [Chicago Tribune]

Golden London helps young boy with seizure problem [Sun-Times]

Family finally reunited with correct dog after problem at pound [AP]

The first dog in space finally has its own monument [Moscow News]

Max visits the lake [Max The Golden Retriever]

Maggie is a girl’s best friend [Sweetie Pie]

Sammy comes home to his new family [Something About Barbaro]

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