May 1, 2018

Rocks and a Golden

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Finally with the weather a little bit warmer, my husband has started some of his summer projects. One of his projects is putting rock around the shed. Sir W joined us in the truck to get the rocks and was in awe and a bit nervous when the front end loader dropped a bunch of rock in the truck. Then, when we got home, he was so curious that he had to check out what dumped in the bed of the truck. Love him. Have a great week everyone!!

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Hide and Seek

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The girls thought it would be fun to play hide and seek. When it was my turn to find them, I passed my bedroom I heard some snickering and giggles. Then peaked in and looked under my bed and found them all, including Sir W. Its very interesting how the girls always end up near him. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Family Time

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I’m not sure if my husband was trying to get brownie points or what, but is what I walked into while I was making dinner. Also, please excuse the mess, the girls always like to help me organize. If you look closely you will see Sir W, my husband, little G and toddler G all inside this 2×5 little castle we got at Ikea. Its awesome they all somewhat fit into it, love them. Have a great weekend everyone one.

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Rain, Rain Go Away

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I have no idea what’s going on with this weather, but Sir W is not happy. It has been raining like crazy and cold all weekend, and he refused to go outside. When I opened the door and he would just stand and look at me while I would say over and over..go outside and go potty..go potty. Toddler G, being helpful, offered her rain jacket and boots. Hopefully this crazy weather will go away soon. Have a great week everyone!

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Toddlers at the Vet

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The girls joined me on a visit to the vet. I wanted the doctor to check out some bumps on Wilbur. You should check your dog often for bumps and talk to your vet about them. When the girls join at the vet, they can be a bit loud, ask tons of questions, and are always trying to see how many treats they can feed Wilbur. On this occasion they happened to find a jar of peanut butter and offered it to him. Sir W was thrilled but I had to pry it from their hands so he would not have a belly ache. Love my girls and Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!

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