April 6, 2018

Dogs on a couch

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This is how I found Sir W relaxing, if you would like to call it that with the girls. I’m not sure why he got into that position or how it’s even comfortable. He was in that position for a good 30 minutes until toddler G talked him into getting closer to her so she could use him as a book rest. Love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone !

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A dogs Sense

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My husband got some type of bug and had to take off work three days because he felt so bad. He’s one of those types of people who never takes off work and Sir W knew something was up. I tried to keep my husband away from us, so the girls, Sir W and I all slept in one room and he was in another. Every morning when I opened the door, Wilbur would run over to my husbands room. Then during the day when he was sleeping, I would find Wilbur laying with him. It’s amazing, a dog sense things and want to help. My husband is doing better now, and Sir W is awesome, so have a good week everyone.

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Dog Birthday’s

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The girls and I went shopping for a birthday hat for Wilbur, when we came across this pink princess crown, they insisted I get it. It was not what I wanted but to avoid a complete meltdown from my 2 and 4 year old, I got it. As soon as I put the pink crown on Sir W and placed the birthday cupcake on the dish, he knew something was up. He devoured his birthday treat in one gulp which is normal for him. As a gift to all Denali The Dog fans, and Wilbur’s birthday, I have a 10% off sale on his Denali The Dog cards on Etsy for a month.… Have a great weekend everyone!

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