February 7, 2018

Sledding on Sunday

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Sunday morning, we woke up to some fresh snow. Sir W and the girls were thrilled, so we decided to go sledding. We took a couple of sleds, including my parents old toboggan. Are goal was to get girls and Sir W all on it, but were unsuccessful. Even though Sir W didn’t go for a ride on the sled, he still smiled for a photo. Have a great week everyone !


Puppy Love

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I’m sure there are days when Sir W wants quiet time. However, the few times he’s left alone, he cries, barks, and scratches the paint off the window next to the front door. G noticed that someone was having a peaceful moment alone under the bed and said, Wilbur needs some company. So, they joined him and started the play next to him, they just love him. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Dirty Paws

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My goal is to keep my home clean. When you have a crazy puppy who loves to play in the mud and a 2 and a 4 year old, it can be challenging. Our backyard is a wee bit muddy since the snow is all melted and Mr Wilbur loves sliding in it..ugh. Just before we let him in, we warmed up some water to clean his paws. He didn’t care about getting rinsed as long as he could keep his orange ball in his mouth. Love you Wilbur. Have a great week everyone!

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Home Depot Dogs

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I enjoy having the whole family together when we go out. On this weeks visit to Home Depot, Sir W and the girls had fun. My husband ran with the girls in a racing shopping cart up and down the aisles while Wilbur shockingly let us push him in this odd thing to move lumber. I had Sir W posing next to my husband, while he picked out some wood for an art project. Sir W looks so happy, to bad he didn’t get any treats at Home Depot, maybe next time. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sir W had a blast over the weekend, climbing and running on ice on Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio. They are called either ice floes or ice shoves but they are huge ice mountains. I have no idea on the correct word. Toddler G describes it, ‘we’re in Antarctica.’ Some of the chunks of ice were up to 25 feet tall and and a lot of people were climbing on them. Wilbur was running up to people waggling his tail like crazy, I think this was his first time on ice, along with the girls and my husband. I had him pose on one of the huge blocks of ice. Also, I put a hat and scarf on him to keep him warm….love him. Have a great week everyone!

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