January 22, 2018

Band-Aid’s, toddler and a Golden

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What can I say, other than Wilbur is awesome. This is how I found him and his best little friend G. He’s sitting in his spot relaxing minding his own while G is covering his head with band-aids. I need to find another spot for the band-aids and add them to my grocery list. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Jello and a Golden

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Over the weekend, preschooler G brought home Bumbles, a little bumblebee who goes home with students on weekends. One of the things G insisted on making over the weekend was orange jello and she said Bumbles can help her. As usual when the food comes out, guess who joins the fun… Sir W. Even though she was in the early stages of making the jello, he patiently stood next to her at the table hoping to get a lick. Thankfully he was unsuccessful this time. Have a great week everyone!

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Golden Loves his little girl

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You leave your girls and the puppy in the room for a little bit, you return and this is what you find. At first, I had to look more closely at Wilbur… I saw G playing with her Peppa Pig carriage ON Wilbur. Since he was resting, I truly don’t think he cared, which is normal, its just amusing that she chose to play on him. Apparently, Santa didn’t need to get the Peppa Pig play house too. Well then, have a good weekend everyone!

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Dogs and Snow

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If you look closely, you might be able to see Sir W having a blast in the snow. Finally, it warmed up a bit and we are now in double digits, so I thought it would be good to burn some energy in our yard. Sir W will leap when he sees snow and goes nuts trying to catch it all in his mouth. Crazy boy, I wish I loved snow as much as he did. Have a great week everyone!

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January 5, 2018

A girl and her puppy

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We were getting ready to head to my parents home for a New Years Eve party and G asked if Wilbur was coming. I told her no, he was not invited because he might eat all the food on the table. She seemed very upset, almost always Sir W is with us. Just before we headed out, I found her with Wilbur surrounded by her beloved stuffed animals. I asked her what she was doing and she said she didn’t want him to be alone. Love her! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Happy New Year, love Sir W and toddler G! As usual, Sir W is posing and G is trying to balance a hat on her head while wearing her New Year’s tiara. It’s all about her and W, she just loves him. Thanks for being a fan of Denali The Dog, we enjoy sharing our stories with all of you. Have a great New Year!

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Too Cold! Bring you’re pets INSIDE

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The last few days, the weather in Ohio has been in the single digits. I read some stories about people leaving their dogs outside without shelter and it breaks my heart. My idea of having a dog is having a four legged furry family member. Wilbur goes outside for less than 2 minutes, does his thing, then comes back in. Usually I’ll find him on our bed, covered in blankets playing peak-a-boo with the girls soon after. I just wish other dogs were as lucky. If you come across a dog alone outside in the cold without shelter, please contact the authorities. I wish the laws regarding this were better.. I feel so bad, the poor animals.

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Christmas Out-takes

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This is an outtake from our Christmas card. Sir W is posing, and the girls are being girls. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, we love you. Thanks for following Denali The Dog!

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