January 5, 2018

A girl and her puppy

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We were getting ready to head to my parents home for a New Years Eve party and G asked if Wilbur was coming. I told her no, he was not invited because he might eat all the food on the table. She seemed very upset, almost always Sir W is with us. Just before we headed out, I found her with Wilbur surrounded by her beloved stuffed animals. I asked her what she was doing and she said she didn’t want him to be alone. Love her! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Happy New Year, love Sir W and toddler G! As usual, Sir W is posing and G is trying to balance a hat on her head while wearing her New Year’s tiara. It’s all about her and W, she just loves him. Thanks for being a fan of Denali The Dog, we enjoy sharing our stories with all of you. Have a great New Year!

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Too Cold! Bring you’re pets INSIDE

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The last few days, the weather in Ohio has been in the single digits. I read some stories about people leaving their dogs outside without shelter and it breaks my heart. My idea of having a dog is having a four legged furry family member. Wilbur goes outside for less than 2 minutes, does his thing, then comes back in. Usually I’ll find him on our bed, covered in blankets playing peak-a-boo with the girls soon after. I just wish other dogs were as lucky. If you come across a dog alone outside in the cold without shelter, please contact the authorities. I wish the laws regarding this were better.. I feel so bad, the poor animals.

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Christmas Out-takes

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This is an outtake from our Christmas card. Sir W is posing, and the girls are being girls. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, we love you. Thanks for following Denali The Dog!

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