November 2, 2017

Dogs and hot spots

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I have an appointment scheduled for Sir W with our vet today. He has a nasty hot spot on his face and it makes me sad. I put his cone on to protect him from himself, he’s not too happy with me. I know this is a very common thing for dogs, Denali got a little one on his stomach a long time ago. I wonder what is causing Wilburs? What are some of your remedies? I came across a few and I want to chat with my vet about them. PSS:Sir W stole toddlers G’s lunch yesterday so he’s being Wilbur so it’s all good. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Bee’s and Honey

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With Halloween Tuesday, I thought it would be fun to show off the girls and Sir W’s costumes. If you look closely, Sir W is honey, surrounded by his two little bees, who are not interested in posing for their mother. However, Sir W, being the professional model, is doing a fabulous job. Happy Halloween everyone, have fun and be safe !

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Memories of an old friend

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Sir W found this bone in our home and I have no idea where he found it. Years ago, in Pennsylvania, I purchased it for Denali, and it was one of his favorites. Wilbur is not at all into playing with toy bones and for some crazy reason he played with it for a good while. Dogs are so interesting, maybe it still smelled a little like D. Love and miss you Denali.. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Canine Flu

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In Northwest Ohio, a few dogs have come down with the canine flu. Sir W’s walks on Sunday at the park have been canceled, it’s scary, you don’t want your puppy sick. Some of the symptoms are dry cough, sneezing, nasal discharge, droopy eyes, loss of appetite or lethargic. If your dog is showing any of these signs, please contact your vet. This is a PSA from Sir Wilbur. We love our doggie friends:)

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These are our pumpkins. The girls wanted a big and a small one, so that’s what we got. My goal was to have the little pumpkin on Sir W’s head for the photo. However, Mr W kept on flicking it off his head and trying to eat it, so I had to hold it. Love him. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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