September 4, 2017

Solar Eclipse

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Apparently we are going to have a solar eclipse today. I have seen a ton of news stories about it and this is the little that I know. They say not to look into the sun and if you do, you need the trendy NASA glasses. Well, we do not have the official glasses, but for this post, I found these glasses in Wilbur’s drawer and plopped them on his head along with his yellow hat. Sir W will be inside when it occurs, sound asleep on his belly snoring loudly, since it happens during the girls nap time. Also, they say it’s very important to keep your pets inside. So anyways, have a good Monday!

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Potty Training

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Potty training has been an interesting journey for the whole family. Toddler G is just about 100% potty trained for preschool. However, she has a new request, and that is to have someone join her while on the toilet. It’s not me nor my husband that she asks for, it’s Wilbur. Apparently she needs a foot rest and Sir W has no problem with it. Lovely…Have a great weekend everyone!

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