August 15, 2017

A Walk in the Park

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I can honestly tell you that Sir W has been doing amazing with other dogs. So far we have attended 3 to 4 walks along the Maumee River with A Walk in the Park and Sir W is improving every time. Even last week, we visited A Walk in the Park and Sir W was in a room without a collar or leash playing with other dogs. Shocking…YES!! Well, here’s happy Sir W yesterday during the morning walk with some new friends. Have a great week everyone!

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10 years in business

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In August of 2007 I launched my Denali The Dog greeting card business with 5 cards. It’s amazing that 10 years and 44 cards later, I’m still plugging along, not giving up on my little business that Denali and I created. Over the years, I’ve had lots of popular cards, but none have been in demand as my Sir Wilbur, Donald Trump card. Locally at Walt Churchill’s in Maumee, Ohio, I had to use two slots for my President Trump cards because they keep on selling out. It’s amazing how many smiles you can get from adding a wig, a little bit of hairspray and a suit, to a very patient dog. Thank you Denali and Sir W for putting up with me and my fun ideas. Thanks to all of you for supporting me over the years.

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Golden LOVES Dirt!!!

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He’s back at it again… eating dirt. This must be some type of gourmet meal for him. My husband says he’s crazy and the doctor is not worried, but I am annoyed. As you all know, we have a project going on in our yard, I was picking up some pieces of dirt and Mr W took them out of my hand and was eating them!! I thought this would be a fun photo to illustrate this and he tried to swipe some dirt from the plate too. So that means he’s back on the leash when in the yard. Wilbur I love you, but you frustrate me. Have a great week everyone!!

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August 4, 2017

Puppy Love

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Sir W had a minor accident on his paw and had to wear a collar on his head for a few days. Surprisingly, he had no problems wearing it, but the girls had a problem with it. For some reason, little G hated seeing him in it and kept on taking it off his head and running off with it. Big G loved playing peak-a-boo with him and the collar. The girls also played doctor with Wilbur and he could have cared less, a few minutes after I took this his head was down and he was snoring. Wilbur you are awesome..and yes his paw is doing better. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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A work in progress

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This weekend my husband finally had time to work on the shed. My goal was to keep the girls and Sir W far away from the project and as usual, I was unsuccessful with my mission. After my husband got the four walls up, toddler G asked my husband, “where’s the roof?”. My husband looked at me and said, “you sound like your mother”. I have a shot of Sir W posing while the girls were inspecting his work. Have a great week everyone!!

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If you all remember, in early May I took a photo of Sir W with some tiny sunflower plants. Well, it’s a few months later and guess what.. We have flowers, not a ton, but a few and some of them are around 6 foot tall. Shocking….yes!!! Here is a photo of Sir W posing with them, he’s so proud, and so am I. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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