July 26, 2017

Little helpers

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Sir W likes to be involved with things going on at home and so does little G. She just turned 2 a few weeks ago and sees my husband and I washing the dishes, so she wants to help. As usual, Sir W being Sir W, likes to be close so he lays below them, napping while little G helps my husband. I love my family. Have a great week everyone!

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A work in progress

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Sir W has been good lately with things, and that’s quite odd for him. We visited a friend who has an older dog named Carley, and Wilbur did well. They have met a couple of times and Sir W seems to be okay with her. My next experiment is to bring Carley to our home for a visit and see how Mr W does with that. This is a shot of the two of them resting under a trampoline, until toddler G ran over to Carley for a hug and then off to Wilbur for a hug. She’s the best. Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Walk in the Park

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Everyone knows that Sir W is not the best with other dogs. A few people have suggested to take him to a guy named Dirk who runs A Walk in the Park in Maumee, Ohio. Well, I gave him a ring and he suggested for us to join his weekly Sunday 1030 am walk at Side Cut Park. Roughly 18 dogs attended and it was shocking…Dirk took Wilbur, and I walked his dog Duke on the first part of our stroll. I could tell Wilbur was nervous, not being with me, but he was awesome. I have never seen Wilbur so well behaved with so many dogs. Normally he’s growling and pretending to be mean. Dirk was very calm and relaxed, his love for dogs is undeniable. We had such a nice experience, I hope to join a few of these walks on Sunday if we are not busy. Go Wilbur and Thanks Dirk for inviting us… Have a great week everyone!!

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Happy Boy

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We had a birthday party over the weekend for little G and Sir W spent the majority of the time outside. The children were running around petting him like crazy and Sir W was having a fabulous time. I grabbed a few hats and placed them on his head for a photo and before I knew it, big G was diving in for a hug from Sir W. He’s so good with the children. Have a great week everyone !

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July 6, 2017

Dog eating DIRT

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This I just don’t understand… Wilbur is eating dirt! He is fed numerous times during the day from the girls and I. The last time he visited the vet, I was told he needs to lose weight. As you all know, we have a little project in our backyard and I put down grass seed over some of the ground, after we water it is when he eats the dirt. Now, once again, Wilbur is on a leash when he goes in the backyard. He, nor I or my husband, are happy about it. This is a photo I took soon after we cleaned his mouth out, does anyone else have this problem??

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Fresh Concrete

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We had concrete poured in our backyard for our new shed. I was instructed numerous times by my husband to keep Sir W far away from the fresh concrete. Soon after it was poured, I wrote our names in it, including Sir W. Then toddler G thought it would be fun to run across the fresh concrete in her rain boots. So, we have her boot marks in a circular form in the center of it.. All of this was occurring while Sir W was on a leash being a good boy. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sunday Afternoon

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This is how my family spent Sunday afternoon. Apparently, we had a busy morning of making pancakes and playing in the yard, it wore everyone out including my husband. If you look closely, you can see his arm, around toddler G. Sir W looks so comfortable with the ceiling fan on and the breeze blowing in. Have a fabulous week everyone!

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