May 25, 2017


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Sir W is not happy with me. I am awful at tossing his beloved orange balls. Usually when I throw them, I hit the house or my little garden, or they go over the fence into my neighbors yard. Well, my husband is working on a project that the girls and Wilbur are not allowed to touch, and guess where the balls usually end up. Thankfully, Sir W has no interest in the project and is apparently afraid of the steel stuff where the balls land, because he refuses to get them. So he just sits and waits and waits for me to retrieve them for him. Love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Family Time

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My husband was on the floor reading a book to toddler G, moments later little G joins them. A wee bit later, Sir W walks in and lays next to them. Such a nice moment. Have a great week everyone !

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Spring Time

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It’s been warm out these past few days and the girls along with Sir W have been playing in the yard. The girls were worried about Wilbur being hot, so they made sure he had a bowl of water. Along with filling it numerous times, they found it humorous to dump every other bowl on him. As usual he did not care.. He’s awesome. Have a great weekend everyone !

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May 15, 2017

Puppy Snuggles

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On Sunday, we went for an afternoon ride in the Jeep. Sir W started out on the back bench between the girls and then he decided I needed some company. Even though he weighs around 75 pounds, he had no problems finding a comfy position on my lap. I felt that he began to snuggle close as we were driving and snapped a photo to share. I love you Wilbur. Have a great week everyone!!

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HappY Mothers Day

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To mothers everywhere we want to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 8, 2017


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I’m great with dogs and children, however, I have a major problem with plants. I always kill them. So I did some research and found out that sunflowers are a simple plant that are good for dogs and children. I decided to plant some seeds and two weeks later they are still alive. Hopefully, in a few months I can take another photo of Sir W next to them in the yard. Wish me luck!!! Have a great week everyone!!

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May 7, 2017

Little Dribblers, YMCA

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I have the girls enrolled in a beginning soccer class at the YMCA called the little dribblers. Since it’s outside, I thought it would be good to invite Sir W as a spectator. He was thrilled to attend. When he made it to the field, he had a few issues with some of the soccer balls, but it was all good. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Dogs Playhouse

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This is how Sir W spent part of the weekend. He was extremely good about it and kept on escaping from the playhouse which made the girls giggle. On a side note, the baby bunnies were located inside this little house too…I’m so happy I found them before Wilbur did. Have a great week everyone !

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Dogs in Greenhouses

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You guys are wonderful, thanks for all your suggestions with fleas and ticks. I am going to try a few things and let you know. Spring is in the air and I love to visit greenhouses and check out their beautiful flowers. On this adventure to Hoen’s, I brought Sir W since they are they are dog friendly. Sir W had a ton of fun and was actually very well behaved. I had him pose next to some flowers and people close by were roaring laughing at him. He’s such a good boy. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Research your Flea and Tick medicine

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Sir W, the girls and I, along with a good friend and her daughter, went for a walk along the river. Soon after we returned home, I noticed a few ticks on Wilbur and wanted to scream. I contacted my vet to get NexGard and found out they no longer sell it, they recommended Simparica. I’ve never heard of it, apparently vets suggest it because it’s cheaper than NexGard. Years ago, I gave Denali Frontline, and I did not like it because you apply it on their skin. Simparica got me curious so I started reading about the different types of flea and tick poisons or pesticides you put on your dog and it made me sick. I discovered that NexGard, Trifexis and Bravecto have killed hundreds of pets each year. I found out that coconut oil is a natural flea and tick remedy. Do you have any other suggestions??

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