April 11, 2017

Happy boy

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This is a happy Sir W finally relaxing in our backyard. All of the baby bunnies made it out, of their home in our yard but the birds did not. We had some high winds one day and it knocked over the bird nest and cracked the eggs. I’m just happy Wilbur did not get any of them. Sunday afternoon, it was a beautiful and we spent the day outside and Sir W was more leash!! On a side note..Toddler G loves the snow and brought out her sled to play in. Love them kids and Sir W. Have a great week everyone!

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I was sitting on the floor combing out Sir W while my husband stood in the kitchen washing dishes. Sir W was completely relaxed and before I knew it, I had two assistants. I’m not sure if Sir W was thrilled about his new groomers, but he went along with it very well. He’s so awesome. Have a great weekend everyone!

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This is what my husband did Sunday afternoon, not because he wanted to but, he did it for me. Sir W and my husband have an interesting relationship. My husband gets frustrated with him easily, but he is completely amazed how awesome Sir Wilbur is with the girls. Numerous times during the day, we have to pull the girls off of Mr W because he does not care what they are doing to him. Earlier in the morning, I counted about 5 to 7 baby bunnies in our yard and Sir W is getting tired of going out on his leash so my husband offered to take him for a walk in the neighborhood. I love my boys! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Bunny nest and a Golden Retriever

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Currently in our backyard, we have a bunny and a bird nest and I’m frustrated about it. The last time we had bunnies, Wilbur ate them, along with a few baby birds who fell out of the nest. I still don’t know how he got a squirrel, he can get crazy at times. Yes, I am aware it’s part of nature and when you see it happen, it’s awful. If you have any suggestions to keep them out of my yard, that would be wonderful. Also, I did put some protection around the bunnies but Wilbur destroyed it..he’s the best. So, for the past week, Wilbur has been going on a leash when he goes out. I’m not happy about it and neither is he. I had Denali for almost 13 years and he never attacked any other animal, its truly amazing how they are so different. I’m looking forward to your suggestions. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Happy Birthday Sir Wilbur

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Guess who’s 5th birthday was yesterday?! I can’t believe Sir W is 5!! So, I had it all planned out in my head what I wanted to do for his photo, but as usual, he had other plans. My idea was to have him sit next to a slice of cake with his birthday hat, but what was I thinking?? I ended up placing 4 slices of cake on the yellow stool and they kept on “disappearing” before I could click the shutter. Well, I didn’t want him to have a belly ache, so if u look closely at the stool, you will see a bit of frosting where the cake once was. Happy Birthday Wilbur, you’re the best and I love you. Have a great week everyone!

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April 4, 2017

Nap Time

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This is one of the best things about Wilbur. It’s late afternoon and I come into the family room and who do I find napping together… Sir W is awesome.. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Shriners Circus

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We went to the Shriner’s Circus over the weekend. I wasn’t too crazy about going, but my dad insisted, saying, “go for the girls”. The girls had a great time and toddler G loved seeing all the clowns and animals. One of the Shriners working the event gave toddler G a clown nose and she announced that the clown nose was for Wilbur. So the next day, she had me put the nose on him and I took a photo. Sir W is the best. Have a great week everyone!!

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Teaching dogs and toddlers

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This is why I’m losing my battle with Sir W and his manners with food. During lunch, I put him outside for a few minutes so the girls can eat, and before I know it, the baby walks over to the sliding door and smears her food on the glass in attempt to feed him. Over the weekend, Wilbur swiped a slice of pizza out of toddler G’s hands while she was eating it. I need to teach him to stop taking food and the girls to stop feeding him. I love my family. If anyone has suggestions to help, I’ll listen. Have a great weekend everyone!

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We LOVE snow

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The weather service is saying that we are going to get more snow. I don’t mind that, the weather has been crazy lately. So I thought it would be good to get Sir W prepared with his snow glasses and my husbands carhartt hat. Let it snow.. Have a great week everyone!

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