March 27, 2017

Windy Weather

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The wind was crazy Wednesday in Northwest Ohio and I thought the best way to show it would be with Sir W’s hair. So I plopped him in the middle of the yard and waited for a huge gust of wind… I can’t believe he actually sat still while it was blowing..Wilbur is awesome. I love you Wilbur. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

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Melissa & Doug Toys

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I have to admit, they have some of the coolest toys for children. One of toddler G’s favorites is her ice cream cone playset. When she began to play with it, she announced that Wilbur is hungry and wants ice cream. She then walked over to where he was laying and gave him some. I’m sure he would have wished it was the real thing and so did she. He’ the best playmate ever. Have a great week everyone !

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Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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As you all know, I have Sir Wilbur involved in a Golden Retriever Lifetime Study with the Morris Animal Foundation. It is the largest and most comprehensive observational study ever attempted in veterinary medicine in the United States. Yearly, he visits the vet for a series of tests and I feel just awful for him because he has to fast, they draw a ton of blood, and do a bunch of other things. Here he is posing with Dr Thomas Mowery at High Point Animal hospital in Whitehouse, Ohio. Dr Mowery was also Denali’s first doctor that I found when we moved back to Ohio and he’s letting Wilbur pose with his doctor headgear. Overall, Wilbur was a wonderful sport and I hugged him and gave him lots of loving while some of the testing was being done. Thank you Wilbur and all of the other Golden’s, who are better know as heroes, who are involved in the study. Have a great weekend everyone!

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577 Perrysburg, Ohio

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Sunday morning I asked the girls what they wanted to do and toddler G said, ‘I want to feed some fish.’ So off we go to 577 Foundation in Perrysburg. When we entered the biodome, Sir W seemed a little skeptical at first. Then he saw the colorful fish and had no interest in them, but the kids loved them. Actually, he was more interested in the plants than the fish. Go Sir W. Have a great week everyone!

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Maumee River

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The girls, my parents, Sir W and I, visited a local park along the Maumee River. Sir W, along with the girls, were so excited to be walking around. He was being thoughtful alerting me when a squirrel or another dog was close by. This is a view of Sir W pretending to be good as he sits patiently, watching my parents and the girls feed some geese. I was completely amazed how well he sat.. We had to stay far back because he would be chasing them or go for an afternoon swim. I love my Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!

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