January 12, 2017

Apple On Your Head

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Sir W has been just awful lately with stealing food, and got me in huge trouble when he swiped my husbands buffalo chicken pizza. So I thought it would be good to try to teach him how to respect food, leave it alone, and he will be rewarded. A few months ago I took a few photos of Sir W with cheerios on his nose along with a banana. Yesterday, I had him sit for an apple. He actually did quite well and got a treat and not the apple. Baby steps they say.. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Family Time

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The girls broke the holder for the toilet paper in our bathroom. While my husband was fixing it, he had a few assistants to help him, including Sir W. It’s nice to see everyone so close in the smallest space in the house. I love my family. Have a great week everyone!

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Thankfully my husband is not on Facebook or I’d be in trouble with this post. Many times we have gone upstairs and we hear plates rattle on the countertops because someone is helping themselves to leftovers. Well..the girls and I were upstairs and I ran down for a quick second to get a pacifier and this is what I found…I think I surprised him. Apparently we rushed up too quickly and there were some scraps on the table because he was licking it. He’s the best! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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January 4, 2017

Tea Time

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Tea time with Sir W. Santa was great this year, toddler G’s favorite gift was her tea set. After she poured my husband and I a cup of tea, she announced that Sir W needed one too. Surprisingly, he sat for her, I think he thought she had some food stashed in her sleeve. Wilbur you are soooo awesome. Happy New Year Everyone!!


Happy New Year

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With this year coming to an end, Sir W and I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Sir W has such a pretty smile. Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!!!


Quiet Time

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We had Christmas dinner at my parents with both grandpas for the girls and Wilbur. When we came home, the girls and my husband took a very long nap and Sir W and I had the house to ourselves. After a few long belly rubs, I found Sir W in one of his favorite spots, in the window next to the front door checking out the neighborhood. Love you Wilbur!


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