December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

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With Christmas this weekend, the girls, Sir W and I, baked some cookies for Santa. Rolling out dough with a 17 month old, 3 year old, and a professional food beggar, can prove to be a bit challenging. When we finished, Sir W was very thoughtful and made sure I did not need to pull out the vacuum for clean up. Thanks to toddler G, two days later I’m still finding red and green icing in his hair. I love my family. Sir W and I want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS..We love you all and thanks for following our journey!!


December 20, 2016

Family Christmas Photos

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So, family Christmas photos did not go as planned this year. My goal was to have everyone together in the same frame and for Sir W to wear a Santa hat. Well, he did wonderful but his partners had no interest in listening. This is probably one of my favorite outtakes cause you can see the stress on his face saying to the girls..Just sit and lets get this done.. Love you Wilbur.. Have a great week everyone!


Moose Antler

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Sir W has never been into chewing things, until his cool Uncle Matt offered him an Organic Alaskan Moose Chew antler. I was shocked, he actually likes it and will sit for long periods chewing it. Has anyone else tried one of these with their dogs? Have a great weekend everyone!!


Snow & Golden

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It snowed over the weekend and Sir W was overjoyed. When I let him out, he took off running, then did a nose dive and looked up at me like this… Apparently he must have been too warm and needed to cool off. Have a great week everyone !!!


Doggie Snowman

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The girls and I were out shopping at Levis Commons in Perrysburg, and saw a snowman. He was a bit furry and probably will not melt, but sure is cute. Have a great weekend everyone!


Hair & Make-up

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Reason 101 why Sir W is awesome. The girls were getting restless and wanted something to do, so I suggested they dress up guess who. Baby G started working on his hair and makeup, while toddler G tended to his clothing. Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


Mr Devious

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Sir W sometimes gives a look as if he’s up to something. Everyone knows that look they’s a little devilish and a bit cute. Maybe he wants me to rub his belly…Love him. Have a great weekend everyone!



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So, this is a nervous Sir W look. For some crazy reason, he is scared to come into our basement! I have no idea why he will not come downstairs, but he has no problem running upstairs. It’s odd.. you know. Does anyone else have this problem? Love him;)


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