November 21, 2016


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Sir W is a wonderful helper as everyone knows. That’s why it didn’t surprise me that he offered to help with the dishes. Thankfully the dishes were in the dishwasher to get a thorough cleaning. Love him. Have a great week everyone !


Giving a Dog a Bath

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Sir W and I were visiting a neighbor and he was out running in their huge yard. Then all of a sudden, he found this muddy spot and took a dive to the ground and started rolling and rolling. I was standing next to him, yelling at him to stop rolling in the mud, but he couldn’t hear me. So when my husband came home, he offered to help me give him a bath. As soon as he was placed in the tub, toddler G started to laugh uncontrollably, then she put her ducky on his head and continued to laugh with delight. Sir W you’re the best. Have a great weekend everyone!


Peanut Butter & dogs

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This is one of Sir W’s favorite treats. He does not often get peanut butter, but my family was over for dinner and he was sitting all alone, so I gave him a little reward. Love you Sir W. Have a great week everyone!!!


Socialization with Dogs

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Sir W has very few friends. Whenever he sees other dogs, he growls at them and pretends to be mean. When we visit my parents, Sir W always charges at the fence to the neighbors dogs and barks and growls so loud either my parents or the neighbors have to come out and stop them. However, on this occasion his growling was a bit muffled because his beloved orange ball was in his mouth. He’s the best. Have a great weekend everyone!


Baseball and dogs

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This is a happy Sir Wilbur photo. The girls, Wilbur, and I took advantage of some amazingly warm November weather. We went for a walk to his favorite baseball field. Sir W took off running after his beloved orange balls and toddler G took off running after him. Great way to spend the morning. Have a great weekend everyone !


Dog Costume

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I like to make my own Halloween costumes and I came across this adorable idea on Pinterest of children dressed as old ladies. Well I got the things I needed, the wig with cotton balls, flowered dresses and glasses. As usual, the only one who is cooperating for the photo is Sir W. Hopefully one year I’ll get a shot of the girls in costume too. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!!!


Golden’s Reward

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This is Sir W’s reward for being an awesome boy. I found Sir W the other day laying in front of the girls play kitchen. I thought nothing of it, then found him laying in front of the kitchen numerous times during the day. This was very odd for him so I put my detective hat on and started to open drawers in their kitchen and guess what I found in the oven…his long old small bone! Sir W, I’m so sorry I did not know the girls hid your bone..So, I got you a new HUGE one. Love you baby boy… Have a great weekend everyone !


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