September 19, 2016

Mowing with a Golden

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Sir W is not always the most helpful. Whenever my husband mows the lawn, he will drop his beloved orange balls in his way or he will plop down directly in front of him. On this occasion when he did this, I had my camera ready and Sir W was so happy and my husband was so mad. Love my boys! Have a great week everyone!


Mr Nosey

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Sir W is nosey!! I was visiting my parents and pulling some weeds in their front yard and I had a feeling that I was being watched… I looked over to my Jeep and this is what I saw. Yes.. he’s a bit nosey, but I love him. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Dog House

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Apparently Sir W has a new dog house. Toddler G and her best buddy were outside enjoying the wonderful afternoon. I was busy doing things and I came out and found Sir W in her play house relaxing with his orange balls. I’m not sure why he was in her house, but he definitely looked cute. Have a great week everyone!!!


Bomb Pop

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It’s been extremely hot and muggy for the past few days in Ohio. Along with ice cream, one of my favorite ways to stay cool is with Bomb Pops. So, the girls and I, along with Sir W, all had one. However, I had Sir W pose with his before he gobbled it up in one swipe. Yummy…Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


September 6, 2016

Yellow Hat

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The weather was just beautiful over the weekend and we hung out in the yard. Toddler G marched up to me and said, “Wilbur Hat.. Wilbur Hat”… I took the hat and put it on my head and she said “NOOOO… It’s Wilbur’s Hat”. So, I chuckled and put it on his head and took a photo. Have a great Labor Day everyone!!

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Watermelon and a Golden

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I just realized that the summer is just about over and I had yet to post Sir W with his yearly watermelon photo. Well, as usual this photo op did not go as planned. As soon as I placed the watermelon next to him, he jumped for it. If you look closely, you can see his snout at the top and chin in the center. He’s the best… Love him.. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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A RUFF life

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This is a pose of spoiled Sir W relaxing in the air conditioning, laying on the cool tile floors. He looks so peaceful…Glad your enjoying the day Sir W.. Have a great week everyone!!

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