August 23, 2016

Cheerios & a Golden

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I saw something similar to this on the internet and I showed it to my husband. When he saw it, he laughed and said it would only work with Sir W if you glued them to his nose. So, I gave it a shot… I’m so proud!!!! I can’t believe I got Sir W to sit still with 7 fruity chEErios on his nose!!! Yaaa… My husband stood watching me in disbelief! I love my boys, especially the little one. Have a great week everyone!!!

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Golden and a Toddler

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Toddler G’s favorite person in the world besides her Nonno is Sir W. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when she wanted to share her video with Sir W. Apparently, Sir W was not much into it, but G stayed close to him while she watched her video on my phone. Love them.. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Sitting in a chair

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I love Sir W dearly, but the only thing that really frustrates me is his begging. He’s just awful about it and takes food off plates when we are not looking. Also, when someone is eating, he will sit right next to them and stare at them, panting and waiting for a bite.. That’s why it surprised me when Sir W jumped up in this chair and tried to get some food from my dad who was in the chair next to him. As soon as he jump up on the chair, my dad got up quickly and gave me a lecture about “someone” and surprisingly, Mr W sat in the chair for a few minutes so, I took a photo. He’s the best! Have a great week everyone!

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Tomatoes and dogs

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My fathers most prized possession is his garden. Sir W is not allowed near it, however there have been a few times he has snuck in and my father chased him out. Yesterday when we were visiting, my father was bringing in a bunch of tomatoes and I asked my dad if I could take a photo of Sir W with them. He said “NO!” quickly then said “he’d eat them all.” I told my dad not to worry and that he’ll be good. Thankfully Sir Wilbur was awesome and I got my photo. Have a great week everyone!!

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Golden Retreiver

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Since I have been posting lots of photos of Sir W dressed up, I thought it would be good to post one of him just being… him. He’s such a beautiful boy. Have a great week everyone !

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August 5, 2016

Pool Party

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It’s been really hot out, so the girls and I have been hanging out in their kiddy pool. Normally, Sir W will walk up to the pool and take a few long sips while the girls giggle. This time, after a few sips, he decided to lay down in it so I put glasses on him and took a quick shot. Love you Wilbur! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Dress Up

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The girls thought it would be fun to play dress up with Sir W… Then off to the swing set we went and someone took off so fast, we were not able to take off his clothes. Thankfully Sir W is not afraid of heights. Have a great week everyone !

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Donald Trump v/s Hillary Clinton

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I thought maybe putting Donald Trump next to Hillary Clinton looked a bit more legit. Anyways, Sir Wilbur is an awesome sport and I love him so much. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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