March 21, 2016

Dog LOVES when his teeth are brushed

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One thing about Sir W is that he’s always been really good about getting his teeth brushed. Sunday afternoon I was having a little of Wilbur and me time so I decided to brush his teeth. While I was cleaning them, he got into such a relaxed pose with his paws just hanging in the air. I’m surprised he didn’t start to snore. Crazy boy… Have a great week everyone!

March 18, 2016

St Patrick’s Day Dog

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Toddler G found these really cool hats at the store and insisted that I get one for her and Wilbur. I got the hats, but taking a photo of the two of them is very challenging. Toddler G and Sir W want to wish everyone a very Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

March 14, 2016

Voting in Ohio

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The 2016 Presidential primary is Tuesday in Ohio. Sir Wilbur will not be voting, but his mother will be. He just wants to remind everyone to vote. He doesn’t care who you vote for, just vote. It’s a good thing to do. Have a great week everyone!

Dog pulling leash

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Sir W is going to turn 4 soon and still likes to pull like crazy when he has a leash. I think he thinks it’s tug-a-war and growls and pulls like crazy. A good example is this photo of him in action. We have tried numerous harnesses and leashes. ..Do you have any suggestions? Love you Wilbur!

March 7, 2016

Toddler dressing a dog

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Over the weekend, we had my mothers birthday party at my house. Toddler G and her little cousins came up to me and asked if they could dress Sir Wilbur. I said sure and got them a few items from his closest. I returned to Wilbur a few minutes later and found him like this and the kids moved onto coloring. Sir W you’re the best! Have a great week everyone!

Golden Retriever Photobomb

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Somedays I’m not sure what to think of Sir W. Let me explain… The two girls were hanging together and I had the baby monitor on them so I could do some laundry. As I’m watching the monitor, guess who makes an appearance!!! I started to chuckle… I could not believe it. He loves those girls! Have a great weekend everyone!

Morris Foundation, Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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Sir W is enrolled in a Golden Retriever Lifetime Study with the Morris Foundation. Wilbur, a hero, is one of 3,000 golden retrievers who are participating in a fight against canine cancer. Yearly he has to fast in the morning before the test and I know he’s not too happy about that. Just after his appointment he got a bunch of treats I had him pose with our doctor, Dr Bopp, at High Point Animal Hospital. Have a great week everyone!

Personal space and a dog

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It was raining out and I was sitting on the couch relaxing and I had this feeling as if I was being watched. I looked up and this is what I found.. When you have a dog, there is no such thing as personal space. Love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone !

Golden in a Wagon

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My parents were over visiting and my dad was in the backyard with Sir W, G, and the wagon. Nonno started to take G for her ride in the wagon. As soon as they took off, she kept on saying…..Villll bur…. VIilllbur.. So I grabbed him and plopped him in the wagon too. Toddler G was ecstatic and Sir Wilbur didn’t seem to care. Have a great week everyone!

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