October 28, 2015

Yellow Delicious Apples

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This past weekend we visited a local apple orchard with the family. My husbands favorite type of apples are the yellow delicious, my dad likes the red delicious, and Sir W likes any he can get his paws on. I had hoped to have Sir W help us pick some, but he only wanted to eat all the ones on the ground, so I had to put him back into the truck. However, I did take this cute photo of him posing next to the golden D sign. Have a great week everyone!

October 22, 2015

Fall Drive

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My husband came home from work and had to leave soon after. Before he left the house he offered to take ‘guess who’ with him. When the boys returned from their errands, I was outside and snapped this cute photo of his co-pilot. Love my boys. Have a great weekend everyone !

Not Happy

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This is Sir W’s sad look… Sorry to share it with you but here’s the story.. Everyone knows Sir W is food crazy and the girls and I were having a little lunch picnic on the family room floor and Sir W was not invited.. I would of loved to have him join us, but there would of been no food for us since his manners are not good. So, I had the sliding door partly open and he stuck his head there whining until we finished… Love you Wilbur.. Have a great week everyone!!

Drive-Thru and a Golden

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Every time I pull up to the drive-thru at the bank, this is what the teller sees. Sir W is a food fanatic and gets crazy when he thinks he’s going to get a treat. When I pull up, the tellers chuckle because they can’t see me as Wilbur balances his four paws on my legs.. I love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!

Golden and a Toddler

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#1001 reasons why Sir W is AwEsOmE! Friday night it was late in the evening and Sir W was relaxing on his bed. Toddler G saw him and ran over to him and laid on him. I let them alone and checked on them maybe ten minutes later and G was out cold sleeping on Wilbur in the same position with her teddy bear…Go Wilbur !! Have a great week everyone !

October 12, 2015

Golden Pumpkin

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Can you spot Sir W?? Monday when my husband got home from work we decided to visit another local pumpkin patch with the family. We were shocked how huge some of the pumpkins were, so I thought it would be cool to take a photo of Sir W with some pumpkins. To make Sir W feel more in character, I brought his pumpkin headband and glasses. He’s the best.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Grandma & Grandpa & a Golden

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Over the weekend, we visited a small local farm that has pumpkins, apples and a bunch of other things. My parents joined us, along with Sir W. After walking about, they all took a break on a wooden swing with guess who in the center.. I had to take a photo, Sir W looked so happy with my mom and dad. Have a great week everyone!

October 1, 2015

Back Support

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Sir W has a new job position to add to his list… back supporter. Toddler G was playing on the ground with a toy and I did not realize that she was using Sir W for a back support.. Wilbur did not look that comfortable how he was sitting, but stayed in position so G could lean upon him.. Wow.. Wilbur amazes me everyday how he is with the girls and I just love it. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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