September 28, 2015

Table food

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One of the reasons I think Sir W loves toddler G so much is that she feeds him her food. My husband and I have completely lost this battle with her as you all know. I shot a different perspective of W eyeing her during dinner over the weekend. Sir W might have to go on a diet soon… Have a great week everyone!

King of the World

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Sir W is odd.. I found him barking on top of the picnic table. I’m not sure why he felt he needed to bark loudly on top of the table.. Whatever….it’s Wilbur being Wilbur and I love him. Have a great weekend everyone !

Golden Moment

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Sir W loves to hang outside with my husband while he mows the lawn. He runs back and forth putting his orange ball in the way of his mowing so my husband will toss it. I was upstairs in my bedroom and I shouted to Wilbur and he stopped for a sec, looked up and gave me this pretty smile.. Love you Sir Wilbur. Have a great week everyone!

Dog with Manners

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Sir W apparently has manners and that’s just awesome!!! We were heading out to the backyard, I was at the sliding door waiting for Sir W and toddler G when Wilbur stood aside to let G out first… Go Sir W! Have a good weekend everyone!!

September 14, 2015

Golden Co-Pilot

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This weekend my husband had a delivery to do so, we all joined him for the ride. The girls were in the back of the truck and the boys were in the front. My husband and Sir W have an interesting relationship at times, that’s why I found it cute how Wilbur spent the trip napping on my husband’s lap… Have a great week everyone !


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It has been hot these past few days in Ohio. Sir W insists on going outside instead of staying inside in the air conditioning. While visiting my parents, after a bit I go outside to look for him and I find him relaxing in the shade under the laundry line. Have a great weekend everyone!

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