August 31, 2015

Kong Balls

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The only problem I have with Sir W is that he does not share his orange kong balls. He frustrates me because he wants me to toss his beloved ball, but he will not let me have them. This photo is a close up example of the puppy eyes he gives when I try to swipe one. Love you Wilbur. Have a fabulous week everyone!

August 27, 2015

Golden and Toddler G

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As everyone knows, Sir Wilbur is awesome with the girls. Toddler G has many purposes for Wilbur and he’s cool about it. G loves to look at her books and I found her sitting on him with her books and Sir W smiling!!!! They melt my heart… Have a great weekend everyone!

RedBall Project, Toledo, Ohio

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This past week Toledo, Ohio was involved in a traveling public art project known as the RedBall Project by artist Kurt Perschke. I thought it would be good to get Sir Wilbur involved because Wilbur is involved with art too. Sunday, The Toledo Museum of Art was the final location of the RedBall project, so I plopped Sir Wilbur in front of it with some trendy shades. Have a great week everyone!

August 20, 2015

Fleas Go AWAY

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Sir W somehow or another got fleas and that makes me mad… I don’t recall Denali ever getting fleas. W started to itch and I found one on him Sunday morning. So I started to treat him with Frontline and took him to the vet for a bath to refresh him and make him feel better. Sir W and I went on an early walk one morning along the river and I’m assuming thats where he got them. Do any of his followers have any suggestions on how to prevent fleas??? Thanks for your suggestions!

Lake Erie

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Sunday we visited grandpas cottage on Lake Erie with some family. My husband took some of the kids tubbing while Sir W, the girls, and I were watching from the cottage. Sir W wanted so bad to go with them, but stayed on shore with his girls. Hopefully next year we can teach Sir W how to tube… I think he’d love it. Have a great week everyone !

August 13, 2015

Golden and little girl

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Sometimes when it’s quiet in the house, I tend to get worried when I don’t see toddler G or Sir W. I was on my bed nursing the baby and it was so quiet in my room. When I finished, I started to walk around and I found the two of them like this. I’m not sure what they were whispering or what they were doing, but they looked awfully cute. Have a fabulous weekend everyone !

August 10, 2015

Big Brother

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Sir W has been just awesome with the new baby. He’s very relaxed with her and her bigger sister, and I noticed that he found a new place to nap. This is where I found him Sunday while I was reading a book to toddler G. Have a great week everyone!

August 6, 2015

Golden loves his balls

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Sir W loves his orange balls.. He goes crazy for them. He loves to jump, leap and dive for them. Denial would run a couple of times for them, then lay down but Wilbur will not stop. He’s the best! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Rescue and a Golden

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Sir W is odd, he does not get along with other dogs. He gets along with a Great Dane named Tyesen and now I can add to that short list Carley, a little rescue dog of a friends. I was shocked that they were getting along so I took a photo of the two of them and sent it to my husband and he responded seconds later… WOW! I had the two new friends pose next to Carley’s pool… I tried to get them both into the pool, but they refused! Love them dogs. Have a great weekend everyone !

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