July 27, 2015

Milk-Bone Sundae

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When it’s hot out one of the best things you can do to stay cool is ice cream. So, we just happened to be passing Mr Freeze and I suggested to my husband that we stop. Sir W was overjoyed when I walked up to him with his Milk-Bone sundae and so was baby G. She was laughing watching him devour it in seconds. Have a great week everyone !

Big Brother on Duty

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Sir W, the girls, and I had some running around to do earlier in the week. I was concentrated on driving or what and I didn’t realize that he moved from his shotgun seat until I pulled into our driveway. When I looked into the rearview mirror, I found him sitting between the two sleeping little girls.. Awwee.. Have a great weekend everyone!

July 20, 2015

Lake Erie Golden

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Sir W hasn’t visited Grandpa’s cottage for a bit, so Sunday we paid him a visit. Grandpa was surprised to see Sir W and Wilbur was overjoyed to see Grandpa. We spent the afternoon out on the break wall and I took a photo of Sir W posing with his huge smile. Have a great week everyone!!!

Loving the Air Conditioning

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The weather has been crazy this summer. So far it’s been a cold and rainy summer. Tuesday we actually had a normal muggy July day so I turned on the air. Sir W is not a fan of the heat and I found him relaxing next to the air vent.. So cute. Have a great weekend everyone !

Birth Announcement

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Last Monday, Sir W became a big brother again for a second time! Along with toddler G, we now have another baby G, another little girl. When we came home from the hospital, Sir W took a few sniffs of her then took off running after a bunny. He’s the best! Have a great week everyone!

July 16, 2015

Husbands Best Friend

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Sir W and my husband have an interesting relationship. Wilbur frustrates my husband the most and brings out different personalities out of him. Sir W also never listens to me when I tell him something, but when my husband says something, Sir W is all ears. Interesting….So, this past weekend my husband was really sick in bed Saturday and all day Sunday and guess who was laying by his side… It’s amazing those two… Have a great week everyone!!

July 2, 2015

July 4th Golden Retriever

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Sir W wants to wish everyone a Happy and safe July 4th weekend!

Toddler’s Best Friend

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I have to admit, I was so nervous how Sir W was going to be with our daughter when she was born. He is wonderful with kids and loves G, as she continues to poke his eyes, pull his hair, and hang on him and he just lays there. Sunday, we were relaxing and G was chowing on her afternoon snack, and Sir W runs over and gets into his obedient position and waits quietly while she eats. Then before you know it, G puts her hand in her container and hands him a cracker and he’s overjoyed. My husband and I are trying to teach G not to do this and are currently losing.. My husbands new name for Sir W is G’s vacuum.. Love it. Have a great week everyone!!

Remembering Denali The Dog

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Tomorrow will mark Denali’s first year of passing.. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I see his photos everyday and I miss him like crazy. I think the only thing that gets me through it is knowing he’s in a better place where he can breathe easily and run freely. It’s amazing how he became part of me in the almost thirteen years he was with me. Denali was such a happy dog and would do anything for me as I would do for him. I am ever so grateful for Ohio State University vet school and Dr London for giving me more time with him. I love you Denali.

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