May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

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With today being Memorial Day, we want to thank all of our troops who have served. My dad is a veteran of the arm forces and let me borrow is old military hat for Sir W to wear. God bless our troops!!

May 22, 2015

Doggie Doorbell

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This is our doorbell, better know as Sir W. This is one of his favorite things about our new home along with his large backyard. Sir W loves to lay in front of the window next to the front door and watch everyone and everything that passes and alert us. He lets us know when a bunny, squirrel, the mailman or another dog is walking by. It’s Sir W and I love him so much. Have a great weekend everyone!

May 18, 2015


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The weekend weather was nice and warm and it reminded me of Denali as I took a walk along the Maumee River. Denali loved the water and LOVED to go swimming. A few years ago, he went for a swim in the river while I walked along side of him. Too bad Sir W is not that much into swimming. Whenever, Sir W is in the water, he tries to drink it all and that’s not good for him. So I am sharing this old photo of D, I love him and still miss him so much. Have a great week everyone!

May 14, 2015

Favorite time of day

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Sir W’s favorite time of the day is when our daughter eats. Tuesday, Sir W caught me by surprise and was in position under the table waiting for us to get seated. Wilbur’s begging has gotten worse, but I still love him and so does G. Have a great weekend everyone!

Lake Erie Golden

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Over the weekend we visited Grandpa’s cottage on Lake Erie. My husband and G tested out the water while Sir W stayed dry on the concrete brick wall. Grandpa did not want Sir W to get wet and full of sand so reluctantly, he stayed dry. I got a shot of him hanging over the wall enjoying the nice day.. Have a great week everyone!!

Mother’s Day

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When I was younger, I always remembered my mom wearing her big sunglasses and bandana. Today, many years later, she still wears the same things and I love that about her. With Mother’s Day being this Sunday, we want to wish all mothers including furry friends mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

May 4, 2015

Bad Golden Retriever

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I love Sir W dearly but I need some help… Since we have moved into our new home, Sir W has had major issues with wildlife in our backyard. He has eaten three bunnies, a squirrel, and last Friday he got a bird. It scares and sickens me and I love all the animals and I used to feed them at our old house. Do you have any remedies on how to keep bunnies, squirrels out of your yard??? Thanks for your help in advance!

Golden Retriever and a Great Dane

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I thought it would be a good time to do an update photo on Sir W and his buddy Tyesen, the great dane. Last year in April, I took a before photo of T, D and Sir W when T was just a few weeks old.. Well, it’s been a year and Tyesen is a huge 118 lb puppy who thinks he is a tiny lap dog. As everyone knows, Sir W is not good with other dogs, however the only exception is Tyesen.. He plays, rolls on his back, and whines when he sees T.. I love it, and it’s amazing how tiny Sir W looks next to Tyesen. Have a great weekend everyone!

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