March 26, 2015

Dog Birthday

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Happy Birthday Sir Wilbur… I can’t believe you’re 3!! In Monday’s post with Sir W as a puppy, he is the middle puppy in the photo and looks just adorable along with his brothers. Today, Sir W is going to have some ice cream and cake.. Love to all.. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Puppy love

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Guess who turns 3 on Thursday??? Well, this is one of the first photos I took of Sir W when he was at home with his mother, brothers and sisters. Sir W is posed along with two of his brothers in this photo.. Which golden puppy is Sir W?? Let’s see who you all guess and I’ll let you know on Thursday’s post. Have a great week everyone!!!

March 19, 2015

Protecting new grass

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My father, brother and husband spent yesterday afternoon Wilbur proofing the new grass seed. My husband’s first remark to me is, ‘he’s going to jump it.’ My dad said the same thing and my brother just shook his head. Well, I think Sir W will do just fine, but we will have to wait and see. Have a great weekend everyone!

St Patrick’s Day

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Sir Wilbur wants to wish all his friends a very HaPPy St Patricks Day and he has a little note for all his fans!

Welcome Home Gang

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I’m titling this..The Welcome Home Gang. Sometimes I have an idea about when my husband might be home, so I get baby G and Sir W all fired up saying, who’s here, who’s here. Well, yesterday since it was actually nice out, I had the front door open and started my little chant and off they went. If you look closely, the baby is waving and Sir W’s tail is waggling like crazy.. Love them both so much. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

March 9, 2015

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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I have Sir W involved with a Golden Retriever Lifetime Study with the Morris Foundation. 3,000 Golden Retrievers are involved in the study including Wilbur, known as a hero. They follow each Golden’s life to help find reasons for illness and cancer. Last Thursday we visited our vet, Dr Molly Bopp, for his yearly test. Sir W was not happy about fasting or getting poked, but it’s for a good cause and hopefully we can find a cure. Have a great week everyone!!

Doggie Massage

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Another difference between Sir W and Denali is that Wilbur loves to lay on his back for massages, D hated laying on his back. One morning this week the baby decided to sleep in a little longer so I gave Sir W an extra longer morning massage.. What a life.. Have a great weekend everyone!!

March 2, 2015

Golden and Grandpa

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Sir W and my dad part two… My dad loves him and this is proof. Sunday we all went to visit my parents and my dad asked if Wilbur needed to go out.. I said..’he’s fine, no worries.’ Instead, my father said, ‘he needs to go out,’ grabbed his coat and shovel and broom and cleaned the back patio so it would be easier for him. As soon as Sir W went outside, the smile on Wilbur’s face was awesome. Have a great week everyone!

Grandpa and a golden

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ir W loves my dad, and whenever I ask my dad if he likes him he says, NO!!…. He’s lying.. Trust me. Well, my father stopped over the other day and when I told Sir W my dad was on his way, he got up on his perch and waited for my dad to pull in the driveway.. Love it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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