January 30, 2015

Roma Tomatoes & a Golden

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This might look like a ball in Sir W’s mouth but it’s not, it’s a tomato. Yes, I am aware tomatoes are not good for dogs to eat, but I was in the process of cutting it for a salad and it rolled off the counter. As soon as it rolled, Sir W and I took off for it and well, I lost.. I need to be quicker. Sir W – 1, Momma – 0. Have a great weekend everyone!

January 26, 2015

Sir W’s favorite seat

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When Sir W was a puppy, he used to always ride in my or my husbands lap. My husband always would say.. when he gets bigger were done, he’ll ride in his own seat. Well, Sir W weighs about 73 pounds and still on occasions, my husband lets him ride in his lap. Yesterday, during our Sunday drive I shot this photo of Sir W very content in my husbands lap. Have a great week everyone!

January 22, 2015

Baking Peanut Butter Cookies

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I enjoy baking and Sir W normal could care less whenever something is in the oven. However, on this occasion I found Sir W standing in front of my oven watching the cookies rise. Maybe it had something to do with me baking peanut butter cookies..Ummm I wonder. Have a great weekend everyone!!

January 19, 2015

Snuggle time

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Sunday afternoon, the family was hanging out in the kitchen while I was preparing a veggie roast. Baby G decided to organize my kitchen cabinets and my husband was supervising while laying on the floor, I looked over after a bit and found that Sir W had snuggled next to him. Awwe.. I remember Sir W and Denali used to do that all the time.. Have a great week everyone!

Golden’s love

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When you’re sick, your golden knows… My husband and I spent the past two days in bed with the flu. I felt awful that I was not able to do anything with Sir W. He was restless at times, but overall was a great sport. On one of my many trips to the restroom, I noticed that Sir W was under our bed.. Actually, I think he was there the majority of the time we were in bed. Love you Sir W. Have a great weekend everyone!!

January 12, 2015

A golden retriever and a baby

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A relationship between a dog and a child is the coolest thing. I left our family room for just a second, came back in, and I found that the baby G had crawled to the sliding door and was looking outside at Sir W while he was looking back at her. It looks like they were having a ‘moment’ but it melted my heart. Have a great week everyone!

Golden Retrievers and Snow

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When it comes to the cold weather, Sir W is nothing like his brother Denali. Sir W loves the cold and when I let him out, he refuses to come in and just lays in the cold snow and stares at me until I start hollering at him. Denali hated the cold and only would go out if it was totally necessary and if he went out it was for a matter of seconds. I took this photo of Mr Wilbur, Wednesday morning when it was freezing outside and he would not come in, so I had to get him. Have a good weekend everyone and stay warm!

January 6, 2015

Man’s Best Friend, Golden Retriever

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Sir W is just adorable, especially when he’s riding shot gun next to me or my husband. Sunday we were driving out and about and my husband had his arm on the arm rest and Sir W started to lean, then he started to pat my husbands hand and look at him with an intense look. It was the cutest thing.. Thankfully I had my camera with me and I started snapping photos and my husband and I both burst out into laughter. Love you Sir Wilbur. Have a great week everyone!

Golden Retriever Happy New Year

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Sir Wilbur want’s to wish everyone a Happy and safe New Year’s and thanks for following Denali The Dog’s page. We love you all!!

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