September 29, 2014

Golden Pumpkin

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This past weekend we took the baby and Sir W to their first ever pumpkin patch. I did not know how Sir W would react, so I brought with me his pumpkin costume, I wanted him to fit in you know. Along with the stares and odd looks we got, he surprising fit well along with the other pumpkins. As my husband said, “He loves his little pumpkin.” Have a good week everyone!

September 26, 2014

Story time on the lawn

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Wednesday afternoon was fabulous outside so we decided to have story time on the lawn. Sir W at first was not interested in story time, but after a bit of playing with his favorite ball he came over and joined us. So cute. Have a good weekend everyone!

Dogs being helpful

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Everyone knows that Sir W is very helpful and at times it’s not always needed. Sunday evening I started having some issues with my kitchen sink, so my husband went to investigate. Seconds after he got on his knees, Sir W came running over to help. I loved it and my husband, not so much. Have a wonderful week everyone!

September 19, 2014

Golden relaxing

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Goldens are amazing.. Somedays they just surprise you with the simplest thing. I was sitting on the couch with the baby and when I looked down, Sir W was at my feet and he looked so relaxed. It was nice to see him so peaceful cause he’s been in so much trouble lately. Have a good weekend everyone!

Lawn mower and a dog

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We recently moved and the new house has a huge fenced in yard. At our old home, we’d always have to take the boys out on a leash, except for Denali. I never used a leash for D, he’d wander about, do his thing, and come right back. Sir W has never been around a lawnmower and every time my husband mows, Sir W does not know what to do, so he follows him in a single line. OMG… Its the funniest thing to me and not always to my husband. Love my boys. Have a great week everyone!

In Trouble

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Thankfully, I did not get rid of this hat. Sir W once again has gotten himself and me in trouble with my dad. Apparently, Sir W ate my fathers freshly fried eggplant dish for which my father ‘slaved’ in front of the hot stove for. My father left the food on the countertop to cool and Sir W helped himself. My dad was furious with me and him… I still don’t get why I was in trouble. Yes, Sir W’s tummy was fine along with having the runs for a few days. On a side note.. I called the vet and they said that Wilbur has a ‘stomach of steel and will be fine.’ One again the ban from my parents house is in effect. I love you Sir W!

The Begger

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Sir W doesn’t always have the best manners. Normally when we eats, he lays under the table, but Sunday morning during breakfast he was on patrol. Every time I added granola to my yogurt he would appear under the table eying it. I found it totally amusing and my husband was a wee bit annoyed. I love you Sir W. Have a good week everyone!

My husband and my golden

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My husband and Sir W have an interesting relationship. At times, Sir W can totally test the patience of my husband, and other times he’s my husbands ‘pumpkin’ as he calls him. We went for an evening drive and G and I were in the back and soon after we hit the road, Sir W offered my husband his paw. Surprising, my husband accepted it and continued to drive. I thought it was adorable and thankfully I had my camera with me. Have a good weekend everyone!

September 7, 2014

Missing Denali

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I was archiving some of my photos and I came across this one that made me sad. It’s been just over two months and I still think about Denali everyday. I took this photo in May in the old house of the two boys napping together..It always amazed me whenever they napped, they always were touching..and I found it so cute. For years, Denali and I would sleep together on my bed, back to back so maybe that’s where he got it from. I miss my D.. Sorry about being a blue, have a good week everyone.

Babies and Golden Retrievers

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Everyone knows that Sir W has been extremely good with the baby. Some days she gets a little fussy and you don’t know what to do. Well, Sir W is used to posing for me so, I plopped her rubber ducky on his head and she loooooved it! I don’t think he was too happy but he sure looked cute. Love them both so much. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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