July 25, 2014

Free Kisses & Hugs

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I’m not sure what to think about Sir W other than he’s really smart. Well, as everyone knows, Sir Wilbur busted my screen window and loves, loves to stand at it with his head out. The other day, while I’m in the kitchen, I look over and see his tail waggling like crazy. I walk over to him and he’s as happy as can be with his head stuck outside and some of the little neighbor kids petting him. I grab my camera, walk outside, and the kids are still petting him. Wilbur, love you so much. Have a good weekend!

July 22, 2014

Screens & dogs

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As everyone knows, Sir W is a very thoughtful and curious boy. He loves standing at my door with his nose pressed firmly upon the screen. Well, his curiosity completely busted the screen, which is fine with me, but drives my husband crazy. Every time we are outside and Sir W is not with us, he’s hanging his head out watching our every move. He’s the best. Have a good week everyone!

Great Danes & Golden Retrievers

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It’s been a few months so I thought it was time for a Sir Wilbur and Tyesen the puppy great dane update. Tyesen is currently 5 months old and is HUGE! He weighs 70 pounds, just a few pounds less then W. The most important thing is that they actually like each other which is necessary cause they are neighbors. I included the first photo of them I took in April and D is included in the photo and he looks so happy. I love him and miss him. Have a good weekend everyone!

July 15, 2014

I’m a Good Boy

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Sir Wilbur did surprisingly well at his first ever meet and greet this past weekend. We appreciate everyone who came out to visit. I think one of Sir W’s favorite things was all the children, who were at eye level petting and chatting with him. However, he did have a few issues with some smaller dogs, but overall my husband and I were rather surprised. Sir W has been quiet these past few weeks so it was a good thing for him to do. Soon after the event, I had him pose with this sign and rewarded him with one of his favorite things to chow down on… Peanut Butter! Have a good week everyone!

July 10, 2014

The Andersons, Maumee Ohio

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Denali is always on my mind and I see photos of him everywhere, which I love but it makes me sad. This weekend Sir W has some big shoes to fill with his first meet and greet this Saturday and Sunday at The Andersons in Maumee, Ohio. I remember when I first got Denali’s, Denali The Dog cards into The Andersons in August of 2011. I had Mr Anderson pose with D and recently I had him pose with Sir W. Too bad I forgot to bring Denali his trendy glasses for his photo. I’m looking forward to this weekend and bringing extra treats for Sir W..hopefully he’ll be good. I love you Denali & Sir W too.

July 7, 2014

The Andersons, Maumee Ohio

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His name is Wilbur but he’s better known as Sir Wilbur and you can meet him this weekend. As we told you a few weeks ago, Wilbur will be having his first meet and greet this weekend at the Andersons in Maumee, Ohio during the Ultimate Air Dogs event. Wilbur will be available between 12 and 2 both days. I’m extremely nervous because Wilbur is not always the best behaved. Denali was always wonderful during his meet and greets and Wilbur is the complete opposite of Denali. This should be interesting.

July 3, 2014

July 4th Memories

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When I look back at old photos of Denali, its amazing that he’s always smiling no matter how he was feeling. This is one of the many outtakes from last years July 4th blog photo that I love because Denali is just being Denali, so I’m sharing it with everyone on this holiday weekend. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. A few people asked how to purchase his cards and they are available on Denali’s website or you can click this link

July 1, 2014

Denali, I miss my baby

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Denali was my first dog and was my life for the past 12 1/2 years and I miss him so. He was the best snuggle partner you could ask for and gave me unconditional love. He always greeted me with a huge smile and made me feel so good, that’s why I shared him with everyone. When Denali was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2012 and given two months to live, I was brokenhearted. I will be forever grateful to Dr Cheryl London at OSU vet school for giving me more time with him. Denali was a happy dog, full of life and adventure and who had a huge appetite for anything I gave him, except kale (note Wilbur likes kale) I still can’t believe he’s gone, I look everywhere and I still see him and hear him. It’s like part of me is gone. The house is quiet now with just Wilbur and he has been extremely clingy. My goal is to carry on Denali’s, Denali The Dog greeting cards and Denali The Dog Facebook page and blog through Wilbur.. It’s just going to take a little time… to get back up. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I miss my Denali.

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