November 30, 2013

Ohio State v/s Michigan Wolverines

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One of the biggest college rival football games is happening this weekend, the Ohio State vs Michigan game. Yearly, I dress the boys in proper attire with Denali in his Ohio State gear, for all his friends at Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, who have been amazing in helping him with his fight against cancer. My husband is a huge Michigan fan and Sir Wilbur is his little buddy or ‘pumpkin’ as he calls him, so he’s in wolverine gear. I just happened to come across these fabulous blanket things to put the boys in and surprisingly they did not have a problem. So, may the best team win and have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

November 26, 2013

Golden Retriever Thanksgiving

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This Thursday is one of Sir Wilbur’s favorite holidays because he gets to wear his fabulously turkey hat. Sir W goes crazy for this hat, he leaps and jumps for it. I’m not sure if he thinks it’s a real turkey or what, but I got him to wear it again this year, to his delight. We are a little bit early with this post, but we wish you all a safe and scrumptious holiday!!

November 22, 2013

Getting dogs ready for winter

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With the cold weather just around the corner, I thought it was good to get my boys prepared for the winter. Yearly, I get them new boots to protect their paws from the salt and snow. They are never too crazy about wearing the boots but they don’t have a choice because I make them wear them. So I had them pose in our little studio with their new boots and my husbands Carhartt hats. Don’t they look so cute.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

November 18, 2013

Best Friends doggie version

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Denali has not been on my bed in a long time, so Sunday afternoon we put him on our bed for his afternoon nap. We left him alone for a bit, I checked on him about an hour later, and to my surprise someone had joined him…Awww… Apparently, when I stepped away I must have woken them cause they were both looking when I took their photo. Have a great week everyone!

November 14, 2013

Dog Copilot or Riding Shotgun

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Sir W loves to go for rides with me and my husband and amuses lots of people with his copilot skills. After he leaps into the front passenger seat, he sits stiff next to you like a real person, with his paws spread. It’s something so crazy, it’s hard to describe. Sometimes when I stop, he will slowly look over to me or slowly look over to the car next to me and look out. On numerous occasions, strangers roll down their windows and say how human-like he looks and it makes us chuckle. This amuses me, because Denali has never liked to ride shotgun, even when he was a puppy he’d leap into the back seat and leave me all alone in the front. I love you Sir W and Denali too.. Have a great weekend everyone!!

November 12, 2013

An Apple A Day

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Over the weekend my husband and I, along with the boys, visited the local apple orchard. Yearly, I like to visit the orchard to get a scrumptious apple fritter. After I got our fritter, I decided to get the boys each an apple. I let them eat a few bites of the apples before tossing them since the seeds are not good for dogs. The boys were overjoyed and D shocked me when instead of taking small bites, he took huge bites.. Love them. Have a wonderful week everyone!

November 7, 2013

Fighting Cancer

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Just about a year ago Denali was diagnosed with nasal cancer and given two months to live. I remember sitting in the corner crying not knowing what to do, then realized that was not doing any good for him or me so I did something about it. I will be forever grateful to Oncologist, Dr Cheryl London and Radiologist, Dr Eric Green at Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine for giving me hope. Denali is an inspiration to me and to so many with his strength and courage. As we continue on this journey together, just remember not to give up. Denali has his good days and his bad days but does not give up so neither should you!!

November 4, 2013

Golden Retrievers

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My boys are completely opposite. Denali has always been more relaxed and easy going compared to Sir W. At home Sir W thoughtfully stands on guard letting us know whenever a squirrel, bunny, or a person walking a dog is close by, which is thoughtful but not necessary. Over the weekend I took this photo of the two boys and it totally describes them, Sir W in guard position and Denali just relaxing being D. Love them. Have a great week everyone!

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