October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

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Instead of dressing the boys in their traditional pumpkin costume, which I have for the past few years, I thought to change it up. Sir W was not happy about it but was a good sport and posed in his ghost costume while I had D pose in his favorite glasses. Love my boys and wishing you all a very safe and Happy Halloween!!

October 30, 2013

Superman or Super D

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My husband’s nick name for Denali is Superman. He calls D Superman because whenever he picks him up to put him into the truck, D turns his paws into Superman’s flight position. D just started doing this recently and I think it’s so cute and my husband says he turns into Superman because he’s trying to help.. I took this photo Sunday afternoon and if you look closely, you will see what I mean. Have a great week everyone!

October 24, 2013

Dogs with Attitude

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The weather has been getting a wee bit chilly in Ohio so I thought it would be good to bring out the winter clothes. When I started to swap out my clothes, Sir W started having issues with my winter coat and would not leave it alone. So, I’m not sure if this is what he wanted me to do, but I decided to dress him in it. Apparently, he was not too happy about it and refused to look at me. However, Denali was as happy as he could be. Maybe it was the glasses??? I thought his ensemble needed a little something. Love my boys. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

October 21, 2013

Dog Massage

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Sunday, the boys had to spend a little time alone which they never like. When we came home, after a brief happy dance from Denali & Sir Wilbur, they settled in front of the TV with my husband. Since all the boys were so quiet, I had to check on them and this is what I found. My husband was on the floor massaging the two of them and Sir W was loving every bit of it, laying on his back, two paws down and D snoozing nearby between his massages.. These boys have got it good. Have a great week everyone!!

October 17, 2013

Detroit Tigers v/s Boston Red Sox

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Everyone in town is talking about the series between the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox. Since we have many friends who are rooting for both teams I decided to have my boys take part in the action. Since Denali has been to Detroit many more times than Sir W, I decided to dress him in Tigers gear. One of Sir Wilbur’s best friend’s is the little boy next door who is a huge Red Sox fan, so Sir W is rooting for Bean Town. May the best team win and…Let’s play ball!!

October 14, 2013

Cookie Monster

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Over the weekend, I was baking some cookies and when I first started to bake, both of the boys were napping near the table. However, as soon as I took the cookies out of the oven, Sir W became curious. I just happened to have my camera close and grabbed a quick picture and thankfully a friend was seated at the table and pulled the cookies back just before he tried to swipe one. Love my boys.. Have a great week everyone!

October 10, 2013

Rise & Shine

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After my husband leaves for work in the morning, this is what I wake up to. Sir W’s newest trick is to jump on the bed and join me while Denali stands guard. I have no problems with it, I just wish they had better manners. Love them.. Have a great weekend everyone!!

October 7, 2013

PAWS, Detroit Tigers

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Sunday morning the boys accompanied me on an assignment in Detroit. After my assignment, I walked out to the truck and the Detroit Tiger’s mascot, Paws, was hanging out petting the boys. Wow, this is the first mascot they have encountered and Sir W, being Sir W, was interested in chewing his soft fluffy hands and kept on trying to grab them. As usual, Denali being Denali enjoyed all the attention. Thanks Paws! Have a great week everyone!!

October 3, 2013

I’m Sorry

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Well, this is a first. Denali and Sir Wilbur spend a lot of time together and at times I’m sure ‘trouble’ gets on D’s nerves but ‘Saint Denali’ never shows it…until yesterday. The boys were home alone for about an hour and when I returned, they did not greet me happily at the door. Instead, Wilbur walked up to me slowly as Denali laid on the kitchen floor, smiling and wagging his tail. When Sir W walked up to me, I noticed a fresh mark on his face.. My husband found this amusing and I was surprised. Apparently Denali rules the house and I guess Sir W just found that out. Boys will be boys.. Love them. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

October 1, 2013

Dogs Begging

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Sunday evening my parents came over for dinner and surprisingly Sir Wilbur was better behaved then Denali. Sir W actually spent the majority of the time under the table being good while Denali went around to everyone begging. When my turn came I grabbed my camera and took a photo of D in action.. Love his smile and if you look closely you will find Sir W snoozing under the table. Also, thanks for all your great comments, Denali likes cooked chicken with it’s broth and I have been feeding him that mixed with his regular dog food. Have a great weekend everyone!

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