September 26, 2013

Dog on Chemotherapy

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I’m looking for help from Denali’s fans. Since last November, Denali has been on chemo medication and always ate his dog food without any problems. For the past few weeks Denali will not eat his dog food, but he will eat EVERYTHING else. Lately the only way I can get him to come close to his dog food is purchasing a McDonald’s hamburger ‘without onions’ and hiding pieces of his food in it. Have no fear, Sir Wilbur devours his dog food before it even hits the bowl..I’m still trying to work with Sir W to eat slower. So, do you have any suggestions how I can get Denali to eat his dog food??

September 23, 2013

Dog Days

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Over the weekend, my boys spent some time with grandpa and grandma. When I arrived, I found them laying on the kitchen floor and moments later Sir W let out a huge yawn. Geez I’m sure Sir W and D had a really rough day hanging out with my parents getting spoiled.. Love them. Have a great week everyone!

September 16, 2013

Driving with Dogs

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Over the weekend I found myself on the back bench of my husbands truck surrounded by four boys including my brother. Before I knew it I had a face full of fur thanks to Sir W’s tail and my face was freshly cleaned thanks to Denali. D looked so happy and so did Sir W, I just had to take a photo to share with everyone. Love them… Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

September 12, 2013

Dogs & Bomb Pops

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The past two days it has been in the 90’s and extremely humid in Ohio. The boys have been staying cool in the air conditioning and I thought about bringing out their kiddie pool, but instead I got them Bomb Pops. This has turned into an annual thing with the boys. However, this time D leaped in for the first lick instead of Sir W. Also, I thought it would be fun to share last July’s photo of the boys enjoying Bomb Pops.. Wow.. Sir W has grown.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

September 9, 2013

Dogs Assisting

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Over the weekend, my husband started working on refinishing an old door into a desktop. He was making a ton of noise and dust, which really bothered Sir W and as usual Denali could care less. So after taking the boys out to visit him, Sir W decided to swipe one of the sticks he just cut and play catch me if you can. Well, after a few minutes Sir W still refused to return the stick to him so I plopped him in front of the door and tossed some glasses on him and D and had them pose for a photo. Love them. Have a fabulous week everyone!!

September 6, 2013

Wedding Outtakes

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I thought it would be fun to share some outtakes from my Denali and Sir Wilbur wedding photos. Shockingly, Sir W was better behaved than D during the photos. Denali was only interested in rolling on the grass instead of sitting like Sir Wilbur. Anyways, it was a wonderful weekend and I was so happy so share the day with them. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

September 2, 2013

Just Married with Dogs

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Over the weekend I married my best friend and an awesome man who loves my boys. After the ceremony, I had the Denali and Sir W pose for some photos with us. I love my boys. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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