August 29, 2013

Dogs and Shoes

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The minute I walk in my door, this is what greets me. I love seeing their smiling faces, however as soon as Sir W sees me he runs for my shoes, grabs one and starts whining like a little child. Since Wilbur has been in my life, he has left lovely chew marks on the majority of my shoes. “Saint Denali” as he’s known, has never had an issue with my shoes. He always greets me with a beautiful smile and his bum wiggling like crazy. O well, I love my boys. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

August 26, 2013

Dogs in Lake Erie

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This past weekend I spoiled the boys again and took them to Lake Erie to swim. We took Denali in for a moment but the waves were too strong for him so he waited on the shore with grandpa. However, Sir W being the brave one, took his second swim in Lake Erie. Sir W had no clue what he was doing and was more interested in drinking the lake instead of perfecting his doggie paddle. Most of all, D was a happy camper sitting along the lake enjoying the beautiful day. Have a great week everyone!

August 22, 2013

Balancing Dogs

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Wilbur is odd. Whenever we go out in the truck, he likes to stand on the tiny front console. Denali, being the smarter of the two, is always sprawled out on the entire back bench while Sir W is working on his balancing skills. Wilbur will stay on the console for a bit, until we get annoyed with him swaying back and forth until finally one of us places him in our lap. Actually, the day we first took Sir Wilbur home, he sat on the console with his eyes wide open looking everywhere. I’m just not sure that Sir W realizes that he has grown up a bit since his first ride in the truck. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

August 19, 2013

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

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Finally, we had a nice weekend in Ohio so we took the boys out on Lake Erie. When we came upon the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, I thought it would be perfect stop for photo. I also had Sir W put on his favorite sunglasses but D was not in the mood to wear his, which was fine with me. Have a fabulous week everyone!

August 15, 2013


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Sir W is very independent, I have learned this well. When we head to his favorite field he leaps at me like crazy when he sees me holding his chuck-it stick. So, one day I decided instead of getting attacked while I walk, I’ll just hand it over to him and he’ll carry it. Sir W rather enjoys this responsibility as Denali could care less about the chuck-it stick. It’s amazing how these two boys are completely opposite. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

August 12, 2013


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Denali at times gets annoyed with Sir W because all he wants to do is play and chase after things. D likes to play, but now that he’s older he likes to relax more. So you can imagine how shocked I was when I came into my kitchen one morning and found them like this. When I first saw them, I tiptoed away and got my camera. I just can’t believe D let Sir W lay on him like this, D is so mellow it’s insane…Love them. Have a great week everyone!

August 8, 2013

Birthday cakes for Dogs

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As everyone knows, Monday was Denali’s 12th birthday. In the evening, I gave Denali his yearly carrot, Fruity Cheerios birthday cake. D was excited for his birthday cake but I think Sir Wilbur was more excited. Thankfully, we held back Sir W with two hands so D could enjoy it before Sir W made a mess of it. Love my boys. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Denali

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Today is Denali’s 12th birthday. This is one of the first photos of me and Denali in October of 2001, on one of our day trips to Rickett’s Glenn State Park in Benton, PA. Denali is my baby and means the world to me and to so many others. I am so grateful to Ohio State University for giving me hope after Denali was diagnosed with cancer last winter. Tonight, I’m celebrating Denali’s birthday with a doggie fruity cheerios birthday cake for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY D.. Momma loves you so much!!

August 1, 2013

Welcome Home

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Whenever my fiance comes home, the boys know before me. It’s amazing, their hearing is perfect and they take off running for the side door, when I hear nothing. If I’m working at my kitchen table, I look towards my side door and all I see are two fluffy tales waggling at top speed and I know he has arrived. When I walk over to them, it melts my heart how cute they look, side by side. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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