June 27, 2013

Synchronized Dogs

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This is an outtake I had to share with everyone from Monday’s watermelon photo. I took the photo just before the watermelon was placed in front of them… They look so well behaved and synchronized with each other, like perfect golden’s, which at times they are so NOT. However, I love them so… Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

June 24, 2013

Dogs & Watermelon

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One of my boys favorite things to eat in the summer is watermelon. Denali always behaves himself when the watermelon is placed in front of him, but when it comes to food of any type, Sir W is just awful. If you look closely, Sir W is not too happy about being held back while D is sitting, going in for a lick. Seconds after I shot this photo, Sir W lunged snout first into the watermelon and my camera glass. Love my furry boys. Have a wonderful week everyone!

June 20, 2013

Riding Shotgun

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I take the boys out with me often in the Jeep. Denali has grown up on the road with me and loves going for rides. Wilbur too really enjoys going for rides and loves sitting next to me in the shotgun seat. Denali is always first in the Jeep and hogs the back bench, then I help Sir W in. By the time I shut the passenger door and run around to open the driver’s side door, this is what greets me when I try to get in. Love them.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

June 17, 2013

Golden Retrievers & Fans

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My boys are so smart and adorable. It just happened to be a little bit warm over the weekend, instead of turning on the air I had the fans on. I was going about doing my things and found the two boys napping in front of one of my fans.. Awww..Love them. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

June 13, 2013

The Answer

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Well… It took only seconds to conduct our ‘Scientific Experiment.’ Surprisingly, Denali 1st went for the Big Mac, took the top bun off, then he inhaled the steak. If you look closely at Denali’s mouth, you will notice the bun and steak in his mouth. Okay… However, the second D lunged for the steak, Sir W broke free and devoured the rest of the Big Mac. So, the answer is possibly a draw since he ate the bun of the Big Mac and then went for the steak. Love them.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

June 10, 2013

Scientific Experiment

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I thought it was time again to conduct a ‘Scientific Experiment,’ with Denali and Sir Wilbur as the assistant. If everyone remembers our last scientific experiment, Denali chose the McDonald’s Big Mac over his dog food. So, for this experiment, I once again am using a Big Mac and I am replacing his dog food with a Sirloin Steak… So… what do you think Denali chose?? I’ll tell you the answer on Thursday!

June 6, 2013

Best Buddies

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Early Tuesday morning, I got out of bed and I almost tripped over someone. I turned on the light and this is what I found… The boys definitely have their moments with each other, but when I see them like this, it melts my heart. Have a great weekend everyone!

June 3, 2013

Boating on Lake Erie

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Sunday afternoon the boys and I, along with some other family members, went out on our first boat ride of the year. We all got soaked, especially my father, as we flew across Lake Erie with the mist coming in. The boys and my dad had so much fun. This is one of the photos I took of them getting soaked…Hold on Sir Wilbur.. Have a great week everyone!!

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