March 28, 2013

Happy Easter

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If you have yet to see the Easter Bunny this year, have no fear, I found two. Even though they might be a bit golden and shed like crazy and bark when you call their name, they are good sports and just adorable. Denali, Sir W (note..he was not happy with me) and I want to wish you all a Happy and safe Easter!!

March 25, 2013

Dogs Birthday

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Tuesday is Sir Wilbur’s 1st birthday… I can’t believe the little guy is a year old…So, over the weekend, I had a little party for him. I baked Wilbur his very own whole wheat, peanut butter, carrot cake with cottage cheese, strawberries, and banana’s for the topping. Yes, the cake does not sound the best, but the boys devoured it within seconds. Thankfully, I had two helpers to hold the boys back so I could get my photo because seconds after I photographed this, Sir W launched himself into the cake. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Sir Wilbur! Denali & I love you so much!!!

March 21, 2013


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I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, but whenever I go grocery shopping, my bags always get inspected. It also does not matter if they accompanied me to the store and sat in the Jeep next to the groceries on the way home, they still run up and check them out. On this occasion, I’m so happy I pulled out the eggs, because they ended up stepping on the bags during their inspection. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

March 18, 2013

St Patrick’s Day

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Yesterday, St Paddy’s Day or you can call it the Mint-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Shamrock Shake day, I decided to dress my boys in green. Even thought they might not be to happy with me, I think they look kinda cute.. Love them. Have a fabulous week everyone!!!

March 14, 2013

Thank You

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Earlier this week, the boys and I visited OSU Veterinary Clinic for Denali’s monthly visit. On this visit they did a scan of Denali’s nose to see if the tumor had shrunk. In November, when we first visited the clinic, the tumor blocked his airflow and was very large. Denali, now for the first time, has air-flow and the tumor has gotten a little smaller. Most of all, Denali, Sir Wilbur and I want to THANK everyone for their continued prayers, support and love. Denali is an inspiration to me and many others. In life, when you’re faced with set backs, it’s ok to go in your corner and cry for a few minutes, then go wipe away your tears and do something about it. Denali is a fighter and his fans are the best. We love you all!

March 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon

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Sunday afternoon the boys, a friend and I went for an afternoon drive along the river. Sir W is getting older now, so him and D are learning to share the back bench of the truck. When we first started out driving, the boys were both excited, and then after a bit it got quiet. I turned around and found the boys snuggling next to each other. Awww…It brought a huge smile to my face. Have a wonderful week everyone!

March 4, 2013


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My boys amuse me and on occasions I can always tell who is in trouble. Over the weekend, I was preparing some food in my kitchen, and all of a sudden I hear a large boom, then the scattering of paws. I took off to my family room and found Sir W diving under his favorite (but way too small) hiding spot and D as usual standing with a huge smile. I’m not sure if Sir Wilbur will ever learn that I can see him hiding under the end table but… whatever. Thankfully, they did not destroy much, but they did rearrange a few things in my bedroom. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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