February 28, 2013

Training your puppy

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I have been trying for the longest time to control Sir Wilbur’s speed eating. When the food is set in front of him, he dives into it head first, it sprays everywhere, and has it finished in seconds. On the other hand, when Denali eats, he eats so slow that Wilbur charges over to Denali’s food and starts eating it when he’s done. So for the past few weeks I have been trying to have Sir W sit still before I feed him. This photo is from yesterday’s dinner lesson. It’s amazing the concentration he has on the food while D is laying down smiling without a care in the world. Love them. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

February 25, 2013


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My boys are nosy, but I think Sir W is a wee bit more curious than D. Over the weekend I was moving things about in my attic, but in order to get into my attic, I have to pull down these ‘lovely’ orange wood steps. Normally, whenever I did this Denali could care less, however, Sir Wilbur is just the opposite. To my surprise, Wilbur started to climb up, but thankfully he did not get far. He got his first two paws on the steps the first time and I think on my second trip back into the attic with my camera, he may have gotten three paws on the steps!! Wow.. Go Sir W! Have a fabulous week everyone!!

February 21, 2013

Not Listening

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Wednesday morning we got a bit of snow, so I decided to take the boys on one of their favorite trails along the river. I thought it would be fun to photograph the boys posing on the trail, however they had different ideas. The minute we stopped, Denali started mastering his snow angels along with itching his back (I think) and Sir W started to dig. I begged them to pose for me but they refused…Maybe I should have brought some treats along! Love them.. Have a great weekend everyone!!

February 18, 2013

WTOL 11 Your Day and FOX Toledo DAYBREAK

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If you’re looking for some excitement on TV this morning and live in the Toledo, Ohio area Denali & Sir Wilbur will be LIVE on TV. This is be Sir Wilbur’s 1st LIVE TV interview and he’s full of energy so, I assume this will be interesting. You can check us out between 8-9am on FOX TOLEDO DAYBREAK and then between 9-10am on WTOL 11 Your Day. Last week the boys posed with the anchor’s from WTOL 11 Your Day, Melissa Andrews, center with Chris Vickers and below, FOX Toledo, Ashley James and Melissa Andrews. I will be posting the interview hopefully soon after and my pinky’s and toes are crossed hoping Sir W is a good boy!

February 14, 2013

Dog Valentine

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On this day of LOVE, Denali and Sir Wilbur have a message for all their fabulous fans!

February 11, 2013

Best Friends

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Saturday evening, two of our favorite little ladies came over for dinner. Afterwards, the boys and one of the girls, better known as little Miss J, took off to the family room to watch some TV. When I finished with the dishes, I walked into my family room and this is what I found. It about melted my heart…I love them all sooo much. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

February 7, 2013

Dogs Posing

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I am currently in the process of sewing some outfits for the boys. I’m just about done with Denali’s, however, I’m still working on Sir W’s. At times, when I measure Sir Wilbur, he’s not too happy with me, but when I take D’s measurements, he does not care. I was in the process of cutting the green top Sir W is wearing and he would not let me finish. So instead, I found a wig and some glasses and plopped them on him… I’m not sure this is what he was expecting. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

February 4, 2013

Golden Retrievers

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Have you ever tried sitting on the couch and before you know it, you have company? Sunday morning after returning from a nice long run, I sat on my couch with my espresso in one hand and my fruity cheerios in the other. Moments later, D joined me and seconds later, Sir W came sprinting over and leapt onto my lap.. Maybe this is just a golden thing… I love my boys. Have a great week everyone!!

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