October 29, 2012

Teaching or training a puppy

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I have been trying for the longest time to work on Sir Wilbur’s manners. He’s really bad, especially when it comes to food and sharing with Denali. Sir W always helps himself to Denali’s food and D does not have a problem with it, but I do. Over the weekend, I was shocked when I offered the boys my apple and Sir Wilbur sat back and let D chow down while he waited his turn. I love them.. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

October 25, 2012

Dog Halloween Costume

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Everyone has been asking me what I am going to dress my boys for Halloween this year. Well, since I tend to dress them year round in crazy clothes and wigs, I normally will give them the day off. However, since this is Sir Wilburs first Halloween with us, Denali and I both thought it was his turn to wear D’s trendy pumpkin costume. Looking at this photo, I see that D is amused that for once he’s not the one in the silly costume.. I love my boys. Have a great weekend everyone!!

October 22, 2012

Detroit Tigers & World Series

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Denali and Sir Wilbur are overjoyed that our local major league baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, are heading to the World Series. To show their support and love for the Tigers, I dressed them in some trendy Tigers gear and had them pose in front of Comerica Park. Go Tigers!! Have a fabulous week everyone!!

October 18, 2012

Dogs in Windows

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With the season changing, it was time to remove the screen from my front door and install the winter storm glass. As usual, the boys offered to help me. What normally takes me about 2 minutes took me 10 minutes. Denali and Sir W started a game of leap frog and began leaping through my front door while I was in the process of putting the glass in.. When I finally got the glass installed, the boys paused for a moment and looked out at me. I love them. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

October 15, 2012

Brushing your puppy and dogs teeth

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This is a Public Service Announcement from Denali The Dog to new parents who have welcomed a puppy into their lives. Start them YOUNG and brush their TEETH. Denali LOVES getting his teeth brushed and dances and drools uncontrollably when I unveil the toothbrush. Sir Wilbur is not as eager as D is when it comes to brushing, but is slowly learning the process. Most of all, it’s important to start brushing their teeth young because it will help your puppy in the long run. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

October 11, 2012

Race for Progeria

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Denali and Sir Wilbur pose with their friend Kaylee and her brother Jacob. This weekend in Moncolva, Ohio is Kaylee’s 7th annual Race for Progeria. Kaylee suffers from Progeria, an extremely rare genetic disease that she has lived with since she was an infant. You can learn more about Kaylee at and register for the race online. If you like, please come out and help support Kaylee. The race starts this Saturday, October 13, at 10a.m. with registration at 9a.m. We hope to see you there!

October 8, 2012

Grocery Shopping

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Over the weekend, the boys and I drove my mother to the grocery store. When I saw my mother walking out of the store with her shopping cart, I got out and opened up the trunk of my Jeep. As usual, Denali was happy to see my mother but Sir Wilbur was more interested in leaping over the seat to ‘inspect’ her groceries. Love my boys.. Have a fabulous week everyone!!

October 4, 2012

Banned with a Dunce Hat

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Sir Wilbur is currently in trouble and has been banned from my parents house…aka grandpa and grandma’s. Apparently, Wilbur ate my dads dinner and he was not too happy about it. My parents offered to watch the dogs one evening and when I returned to get them, my father greeted me at the door screaming, “He ate my dinner!” I responded, “Well it must have taste good.. Go Mom!” My father was not very pleased with my answer. On the way out, he told me that Denali is a saint and is welcome anytime and that Wilbur is banned until he’s trained. Good Times… Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll keep you all updated on Wilbur and my dad!

October 1, 2012

Farmers Market Perrysburg Ohio

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Last Thursday I decided to take my boys to the Farmers Market in downtown Perrysburg, Ohio. Denali and I have visited the market many times but for Sir Wilbur, this was his first. The boys had so much fun and eagerly lead my friend and I around. Every few steps we took, people stopped and wanted to pet my boys. Even a few lucky kids got their faces cleaned by WIlbur and D. When I stopped to take a photo of the boys, Sir W only had eyes for the little boy standing behind me eating his hot dog. Apparently, my doggie treats are not as appealing as a child’s hot dog. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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