September 27, 2012

Dog Photography

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Denali, for the longest time, always sat on my cedar chest for photos. However, since Wilbur has joined us, the chest has become a wee bit too small, so a friend offered to make a platform to fit both of my boys. The platform is fabulous… As soon as I got it into place, I did a few test shots of the boys in costume. Denali, being the professional model he is, posed in proper form but Sir Wilbur could have cared less and decided to take a nap instead. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

September 24, 2012

Dog Screens and Pet Attachment

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Everyone tells me that my boys are attached to me like velcro and now apparently I need to get my screen fixed. The few times Sir W is left inside while D and I are outside, he’s not too happy about it. Sir Wilbur pushes his nose up against the screen while whining loudly watching our every move. Then the times when I am outside by myself, they both stand together, WHINING at the door, awaiting my return. I love my boys.. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

September 20, 2012

Morning Nap

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Tuesday morning while my sheets were in the wash, I put a blanket on my bed and helped Denali onto it for his morning nap. I jumped into the shower and when I came out I noticed that he had company. OMG..It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, them snoozing back to back.. I’m in love. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

September 17, 2012

Grandparents House

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Over the weekend my parents spent some time watching my boys. When I arrived to pick them up, I found them at the top of the stairs relaxing together. It melted my heart, so I took a photo to share with everyone. I then I asked mum how they were, she said “Denali is a saint, but your brother found Wilbur in the toilet AND caught him chewing your fathers socks”. I love you Mom…Have a wonderful week everyone!!

September 13, 2012

McDonald’s Big Mac

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I needed not 1, not 2, but 3 McDonald’s Big Mac’s to make Mondays ‘scientific experiment’ photo. Thankfully, McD’s is not too far from my house. The first two times I placed the Big Mac and dog food down in front of D and Sir W, they could not contain their excitement and both charged at the Big Mac. The photo I used today is from the 1st Big Mac speed eating contest. Monday’s photo was taken after the boys ate the first 2 big macs, they were so kind as to pose for a photo before this one was devoured too. Wow is all I can say… Have a wonderful weekend everyone and long live McDonalds!!

September 10, 2012

McDonald’s Big Mac v/s Dog Food

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I thought it was time again to conduct a ‘scientific experiment’ with my son Denali and his little brother Sir Wilbur. Our last experiment with D was between his dog food and some fruity cheerios. Denali surprised everyone and chose his dog food. For this test, I thought it would interesting to see which one D wanted more- his scrumptious dog food that he has eaten every day twice a day since he was born, or McDonald’s most well know sandwich, a Big Mac. So what do you all think he chose??

PSSST: Also, on a side note, this is probably one of the fastest scientific experiments I have ever witnessed take place. I will have Denali’s answer on Thursdays post.

September 6, 2012

Ice Cream Social

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Last night Denali and Sir Wilbur were invited to an ice cream social at Mr Freeze in Perrysburg for Teddy the goldens 7th birthday. My goal was to take a photo of the 3 boys sitting nicely eating their milk-bone ice cream sundaes. Instead, all 3 of the goldens dove head first into their sundaes and they got ice cream all over them and us.. Here are a few photos from our messy, sticky evening. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

September 3, 2012

Labor Day

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Today Denali and Sir Wilbur give thanks to American workers wherever they may be. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!!

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