August 30, 2012

Schools back, Afternoon class

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For the past few weeks, the boys and I have been working on their first Denali and Sir Wilbur, Denali The Dog greeting card photo. Usually, I practice with the boys a few times a week in the morning on their modeling photos, but on this occasion, the two boys were running around my house like crazy. I was just about to separate them and put Sir W into his cage, but instead I dressed the two boys up and had an unplanned afternoon class. I love them.. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

August 27, 2012

Navy Week, Lake Erie, Historical Warships, Dogs on boat

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Over the weekend, the boys and I went out on a friends boat in Lake Erie. Denali and Sir W both love the water so much, I was afraid they were going to try to jump out of the boat, but to my surprise, they were well behaved. While we were cruising and just after we passed Turtle Island, we came upon a U.S. Navy historical sailing warship en route to Toledo, Ohio for Navy Week. The boys could care less about the old historical boat, but my friend and I thought it was really cool, so I took a photo of the boys with the warship in the background. Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

August 23, 2012

Dog and Windows

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Sir Wilbur is a wee bit shorter than his big brother D, and Sir W always loves to do whatever Denali is doing. D is nosy and likes to keep an eye on my house. He thoughtfully will always alert me when my mail has arrived or if someone is walking, biking, or driving by. Sir Wilbur goes CRAZY running back and forth when he sees D looking out the window. Finally the other day, Wilbur found out how he too can keep an eye on my place. I LOVE my boys.. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

August 16, 2012

Dogs & Watermelon

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One of Denali’s favorite things to eat in the summer is watermelon… he loves it. Usually I’ll give him a little piece or two when I am eating it and he slowly enjoys it. Since this is Sir Wilbur’s first summer, I thought it was time to introduce him to this delicious fruit. When my friend put the slice in front of D and Sir W, Denali sat like a good boy licking his lips and Wilbur charged at it…Well, I take it Sir W likes it. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

August 13, 2012

Model in Training

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My latest goal has been to get Denali and Wilbur to sit next to each other while in costume and in my little studio. Since D is a professional, I usually will have him wear something simple like a hat or glasses. However, since Sir Wilbur is in training, I’ll usually doll him up into something spiffy. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with my boys, especially Wilbur. I love them… Have a fabulous week everyone!!

August 9, 2012

Hot Spot

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Apparently, my bathroom is a ‘hot spot’ for my boys. Denali loves to take long naps in my tiny bathroom and D has absolutely no problem with me stepping over him numerous times as I go about my day. Wilbur on the other hand, loves my bathtub. I pull Wilbur out of my bathtub almost daily…I don’t get it. One day I found Wilbur in my tub with two bars of SOAP in his mouth which I had to fight with him to get out. Much to my surprise on Wednesday, I found not one, but both of my boys in my bathroom. Crazy! Have a great weekend everyone!!

August 6, 2012

Dog Birthday Cakes

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Sunday was Denali’s birthday so I baked him his very own whole wheat, peanut butter, shredded carrot with fruity cheerios for frosting, birthday cupcake. Honestly, it does not sound the most flavorful, but Denali and Sir Wilbur sure enjoyed it. This is one of the few photos I managed to take before they devoured the scrumptious cake. Also, if you notice closely, I had to have some help holding the boys back from the lovely cake… I love you Denali and Wilbur too. Have a fabulous week everyone!

August 2, 2012


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This is the first photo I ever took of Denali in October of 2001. He was 7 1/2 weeks old and the last puppy who needed a home from the litter. I was told nobody wanted him because he was the runt. My heart skipped a beat, I took him into my arms and I told him that he’s mine. This Sunday, August 5th, is Denali’s 11th birthday. Denali has brought laughter, adventure, drama, and love into my life and many others. Happy Birthday Denali, Momma loves you!

Psst: On Monday I’ll post his birthday party photo!

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