July 30, 2012

Steam Engine

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Denali, Sir Wilbur, and the Nickel Plate 765 Steam Engine from the Fort Wayne Historical Society. I found out from my brother that the steam engine was passing through Maumee this weekend, so I thought it would be a great photo with my boys. Well, maybe it was the loud whistle that went off numerous times or the steam that erupted from the engine as it passed my furry boys, but they were a wee bit scared. Wilbur ran to me all nervous and D, the talented model he is, turned his head to check it out as he was posing. I love my boys. Have a great week everyone!!

July 26, 2012

Dog Wigs

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Trying to get one dog to wear is very challenging. Now, add a hipper puppy to the mix, who thinks wigs are a chew toys can make the task a wee bit more interesting. Honestly, Denali does not mind wearing wigs, he’s always a good sport but Wilbur that’s another story. Thankfully, during their morning lesson, I was able to get them to sit together long enough for photo. I love my boys.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

July 23, 2012

Nap Time

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Early Sunday morning, Denali, Wilbur, and some golden friends and I went for a relaxing walk along the river. As soon as we returned, I turned on my ceiling fan in my kitchen and went to freshen up. When I returned to the kitchen, I found the two boys passed out next to their water bowl under the fan. They are so cute together and I love them so. Have a great week everyone!

July 19, 2012

Model Training

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I did not introduce Denali to my dynalites/photography lights until he was 4 or 5 years old. I remember D would walk into my studio nervously and I would slowly open my umbrellas and turn on the lights. By the time the lights clicked, D would be sprinting out of the room. After encouraging D with lots of love and doggie treats, he loves my studio and eagerly jumps on my cedar chest for photos. Since Wilbur entered our life, I always wondered how he would react. Surprisingly, this is the 2nd frame I took of the two boys with lights on my cedar chest. I love them..Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

July 16, 2012

Bug Hats

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My dad wears these crazy bug hats when he works in the garden. Now he hides his special hat from me because I used it for a Denali photo. I think he’s crazy for wearing the lovely bug hat but that’s my dad, a stubborn Italian man. I LOVE you Dad.. Honestly, I thought he had only one bug hat but after cleaning my parents home over the weekend…guess what I found.. Yeeaah two hats… Thankfully now, I have two beautiful models to show off these wonderful hats.. Have a fabulous week everyone!!

July 12, 2012

WTOL Channel 11 in Toledo, Ohio

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Today, Denali and I will have our first LIVE television interview at WTOL Channel 11 in Toledo, Ohio. Denali has never done a LIVE television segment, so this should be interesting. It will be airing sometime between 9 and 9:50am on the morning show. Since Wilbur was not invited, I did not want to hurt his feelings, so I dressed him as a junior ‘news reporter’ and had him pose next to WTOL’s sign with D. Later in the day I will be posting a link to Denali’s segment on this page. My pinky’s and toes are crossed that Denali behaves himself. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

July 9, 2012

Bomb Pops

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It’s been hot… I mean really HOT this past week in Ohio. So, along with hanging out in the air conditioning, my boys and I have been staying cool eating bomb pops. Since this was Sir Wilbur’s first bomb pop, D showed him the correct way to enjoy it. I’m not sure if it really was the correct way because after two licks, D had the whole bomb pop off the stick in his mouth and Wilbur did the same thing. Hopefully they did not have a brain freeze. Have a great week everyone!

July 5, 2012


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Since I was having problems with Mondays post, I thought it would be fun to show one of the problems I had when I photographed it. Denali above all is a very easy-going doggie, especially when it comes to his little brother, Sir Wilbur. Thankfully, D did not seem to mind the countless times Wilbur leaped over him to help himself to a treat even though he was not cooperating. Denali you amaze me. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

July 2, 2012

July 4th, Independence Day

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Denali, Sir Wilbur, and I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.. Be safe and have fun! On a side note.. Taking a photo of two golden’s with floppy hats can be a bit challenging. I love my boys!

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