June 28, 2012

Dogs & Children

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Apparently, Denali likes applesauce. I do not like it, therefor we have never had it in the house. However, on Monday little Miss J visited us for lunch and brought with her some scrumptious applesauce. Denali was a good boy and did not bother her while she was eating her chicken nuggets but as soon as she ripped the lid off her applesauce, D wanted some. Little Miss J first tried to hand me her applesauce and then she held it high in the air and said, “I wish I was taller.” Maybe I should work on Denali’s manners. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

June 25, 2012

Lighthouse, Marblehead

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Saturday afternoon Denali, Wilbur and I, along with a friend, visited the famous lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio. This was Wilbur’s first visit to the lighthouse and D’s 10th visit, I think. I do remember the last time D and I visited the lighthouse was in January, the wind was blowing and we were frozen solid. Since it was a lovely afternoon this time, I brought along with me some sunglasses to help protect their eyes. I love my boys. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

June 21, 2012

Air Conditioning

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It has been extremely hot in Ohio these past few days. Too keep my two extra furry sons cool, I have been running the air and it was extremely quiet in my house one day. So, I started to search for the boys but they were no where in sight until I entered my bedroom. Apparently, the boys must of had a private discussion, got tired and took a nap on the cool floors. I love it and them. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay cool!

June 18, 2012

Construction Worker

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Over the weekend I borrowed from my neighbor, a ‘large big thing’ to remove some overgrown weeds in my yard. When they first brought the ‘large big thing,’ into my yard, D started barking at it like crazy. I yelled at him to stop and he started to run around it in circles, barking. About five minutes after his award winning performance, he walked up to it and started to sniff it and that’s when I thought this is a perfect time for a D photo. Denali your awesome, Momma loves you. Have a fabulous week everyone!!

June 14, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

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Just about every morning I get a phone call from my dad asking if he can take Denali for a walk. Wednesday morning when he arrived to walk D, I suggested he take Wilbur too. He shook his head and said, “All he is, is trouble, he doesn’t listen and eats everything.” After a brief lecture about how much he’s done for me in my life he said, “I’ll take him.” Amazingly, I think the three of them made it around the block because I started to hear my father yell, “Wilbur, Wilbur.. Denali..Wilbur NOO!!!” I ran and got my camera and took a photo of the boys. Denali, Wilbur and I love you Dad. Happy Fathers Day!!!

June 11, 2012

Golden Retrievers

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Denali, Wilbur, and I had a golden visitor over the weekend. His name is Teddy, but I prefer to call him Sir Teddy. He’s 8 and is very calm and mellow in comparison to my 2 sons. Denali loves it when Sir Teddy visits, he always leaps out the front door and runs circles around Teddy as he stands there looking at D like he’s crazy. After D completed his running laps and the boys relaxed in my yard, I thought it would be fun to get a photo of all the golden’s together. I’ll call this a ‘golden D moment.’ Have a wonderful week everyone!!

June 7, 2012

Dog Training

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Denali and I have been working hard with Wilbur on two important things. First on the list… is potty training. We are currently unsuccessfully crate training him. It does not matter how long Wilbur is outside watching his big brother go #1 and #2 he still holds out and does #1 and #2 in my house. One day it rained and Mr W refused to go outside, so I tried the puppy pads. Mr W thought it was a chew toy and I had to play tug-a-war to win the torn pads back from him. Second on his list… doggie model. Wilbur is only 10 1/2 weeks old and D is doing a great job training him to model. This is one of the first photos of the two boys modeling. I just love them! Have a great weekend everyone!!

June 4, 2012

Dogs and Kids

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Denali and I had some company last weekend, or you could say we babysat one of D’s buddy’s, but just don’t tell her we called it that. Little Miss J was greeted at the door by D and instantly had her face cleaned, then took off to inspect my fridge, followed by racing to my little studio to try on Denali’s wardrobe. I had to go outside for a moment to chat with my neighbor and when I returned I found the two of them snuggled on my couch watching cartoons. I’m in love…they are sooo cute. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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