May 24, 2012

Dog Friendly Playground

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Denali is very attached to his Momma and on certain days he brings the biggest smile to my face. Over the weekend, the two furry brothers along with a friend and I, went to a doggie play date at a park. We arrived early so I though it would be fun to go down the slide on the playground. I started to climb up the tall steps and I heard some heavy breathing and had this odd feeling that I was being followed. When I arrived at the top, I realized that D was steadily climbing up the ladder after me. “OMG what are you doing?” I hollered at D, with a huge smile on my face. At the top, we had a brief chat and D refused to go down the slide with me, so my friend carried him back down the steps. Denali, Momma loves you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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