May 31, 2012

Golden Retrievers

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It’s been an interesting few weeks for Denali and I since his little brother, Wilbur, came into our lives. The boys are getting used to each other. It makes me smile some evenings when it’s time for bed, Denali lays next to the crate Wilbur is in. Just the other day, the two of them ended up in the back seat of my Jeep and I thought they looked just adorable, so I took a photo to share with everyone. Have a fabulous weekend!

May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

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Since today is a national holiday, D and I visited a local cemetery to pay our respects to our fallen soldiers. We walked about for a bit and saw many volunteers placing flags on graves, including 3 nuns in full habit which I have not seen in a really long time. After wandering for a bit, Denali and I took a break and we rested near some flags. Denali and I want to thank all the military men and women for all that they have done. Have a safe and happy holiday!

May 24, 2012

Dog Friendly Playground

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Denali is very attached to his Momma and on certain days he brings the biggest smile to my face. Over the weekend, the two furry brothers along with a friend and I, went to a doggie play date at a park. We arrived early so I though it would be fun to go down the slide on the playground. I started to climb up the tall steps and I heard some heavy breathing and had this odd feeling that I was being followed. When I arrived at the top, I realized that D was steadily climbing up the ladder after me. “OMG what are you doing?” I hollered at D, with a huge smile on my face. At the top, we had a brief chat and D refused to go down the slide with me, so my friend carried him back down the steps. Denali, Momma loves you. Have a great weekend everyone!

May 21, 2012

Brotherly Breakfast

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I’m calling this photo, brotherly breakfast with Denali and Wilbur. When Denali and I eat breakfast, we always take our time enjoying each bite. Now with Denali’s little brother in the mix, breakfast becomes a speed eating contest between the two boys. As soon as I set down the boy’s bowls they dive head first into their food, chowing it down then run over to the others’ bowl and somehow share the last few bits that remain. Over this past weekend when they were in the midst of speed eating portions of their breakfast, I took a photo to share with everyone. Have a fabulous week everyone!

May 17, 2012

Flea and Tick Prevention

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This is a public service announcement from my son DENALI THE DOG… Denali wants you to make sure you help protect your dogs this season with flea and tick prevention. When D visited the spa last week, Jamie the groomer told us that a lot of the dogs had fleas and ticks on them. One of her doggie clients had over 10 ticks that she pulled off of him. D and I stood in the room in shock after hearing all the stories she told. Although D and I are not doctors, we are just offering a friendly reminder to all of our doggie lovers to ring your vet and see what they suggest to help prevent fleas and ticks on your dog. On a side note, I want to thank the little boy next door named Ry for letting me borrow his spider!

May 14, 2012

Big Brother

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Over the past weekend Denali became a big brother to Wilbur, a seven week old golden retriever puppy. When D met his little brother he gave Mr Wilbur a full body sniff down while he laid on the ground wanting to play with him. It was such a beautiful sight. I’m so excited to have 2 sons and I’m sure Denali is excited about his new little brother.. The adventure begins… Have a fabulous week everyone!!

May 10, 2012

Dog Manicure

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Denali has not had a certified ‘spa day’ since last year. Wednesday, I thought it was time for him to visit his favorite groomer at High Point Animal Hospital, Jamie. During her list of questions, she asked if he needed his nails trimmed and if I wanted them painted. Painted?? I thought to myself for a moment and realized that I have never had my nails done professionally so why not have my dog’s done instead. Thank you Jamie, he looks fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

May 7, 2012

GM Renaissance Center

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Saturday evening I took my son and a friend to a photo assignment at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. After my job the three of us walked along the riverfront with D being very thoughtful and leading the way. Apparently not many people must walk their dogs along the Detroit River since lots of people were staring at D while we were walking him. As the three of us were walking, we overheard one of the craziest remarks about Denali, “Is that a horse?” Interesting.. Alrighty then… Have a fabulous week everyone!

May 3, 2012

Top Model

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Denali and I are currently working on his 31st Denali The Dog greeting card photo. I can’t believe D has sat patiently for me with all the layers upon layers of things I have put him in. Most of all, it’s crazy to think that it all started from a simple holiday tradition that we turned into something much more. So on Tuesday while we were working on his newest photo and I was in the midst of finding the perfect wardrobe to match his new extra poofy wig, I took a photo to share with all his fans. On a side note, I think I need to find a larger back drop to fit the entire wig in the frame. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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