April 23, 2012

Dog’s Sense

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As everyone knows, D is a very nosy little boy and some days his nosiness truly amazes me. First of all, my house is petite, you could say. Actually, you can stand in the center of one room and see my entire place. Denali always, ALWAYS needs to see me which is fine, but some days it’s so not necessary. When it’s time for me to leave, he knows. The other day I made a quick stop to freshen up and I shut the door to my bathroom. As soon as I shut the door I hear him get up, walk over to the door, then plop on the floor in front of the door. I chuckled and opened up the door and there he was, looking at me with this intense stare probably thinking.. ‘Mommy I know you’re leaving, don’t leave me behind!’ Denali.. I love you. Have a fabulous week everyone!

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