April 30, 2012

Little League

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My furry son Denali loves to play ball with some of the kids in the neighborhood. However, D’s idea of playing ball is taking their ball and not giving it back. Usually when they start to play ball, soon after I will get a knock on my door with one of the boys pouting, “He will not give back our ball.” Sunday, the boys were outside warming up for their first little league game of the season in their new uniforms and I thought it would be cool to snap a photo of the whole gang. The ‘boys’ are all so cute. Have a fabulous week everyone!

April 26, 2012


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Sometimes late in the evening when I’m resting on my couch watching TV, a certain someone needs my attention. Even if we just returned from a long evening walk as we did Tuesday, D thought it was more important to tend to him than let me watch my favorite evening show, House Hunters International. Denali first starts to walk back and forth in front of me as I lay on the couch, then if I pretend he’s not blocking my view, I get a paw, followed by the rest of him shortly after.. I love my big baby.. Have a great weekend everyone!

April 23, 2012

Dog’s Sense

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As everyone knows, D is a very nosy little boy and some days his nosiness truly amazes me. First of all, my house is petite, you could say. Actually, you can stand in the center of one room and see my entire place. Denali always, ALWAYS needs to see me which is fine, but some days it’s so not necessary. When it’s time for me to leave, he knows. The other day I made a quick stop to freshen up and I shut the door to my bathroom. As soon as I shut the door I hear him get up, walk over to the door, then plop on the floor in front of the door. I chuckled and opened up the door and there he was, looking at me with this intense stare probably thinking.. ‘Mommy I know you’re leaving, don’t leave me behind!’ Denali.. I love you. Have a fabulous week everyone!

April 19, 2012

Bank of America

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Every time I visit the bank, the tellers always ask why I don’t bring Denali in. I say, “He’s in the Jeep being anti-social,” they respond, “Bring him in!” So I went to the Jeep to get D, when I opened the doors to enter, Denali got so excited and attempted to take off but instead ran in place on the slippery floors. “There’s a dog,” I heard one person say as I smiled and waved politely holding onto Denali’s leash while he was sliding in circles around the floor. When D got his footing in place, he kindly lead me to the counter where he propped himself up for his well earned milk-bone. The people at my bank were cool and loved D. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

April 16, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery

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Whenever it’s someone’s birthday in my family, it’s tradition to purchase them an ice cream cake. Since my brothers was over the weekend, Denali and I volunteered to get the cake. Apparently, I must have not taken D with me to Cold Stone Creamery before. As soon as I set the Cookies & Creamery cake..(side note..I would have chose the Coffee House Crunch cake:) next to D, his head disappeared into the bag. “Oh my Denali,” I said as I pulled his head out of the bag. Thankfully the cake was secured well in the plastic container. I love them dogs. Have a fabulous week everyone!

April 12, 2012

Man of the House

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It’s interesting when you walk past your bedroom and you notice someone is standing on your bed staring at you like they own the place?? Everyone who knows me and D, understands that Denali has total run of my house and control of me. I’m just not sure what he was trying to tell me or what he was up to when I took this photo. Maybe I interrupted him while he trying to find the perfect spot on my bed to take a nice long afternoon nap. I love you D. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

April 9, 2012

Photographing Dogs

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My goal for the longest time has been to get a photo of D with his two buddies Remi, the puppy Great Dane and Bentley, the Weimaraner. I honestly think that Denali is aware of my goal because every time I attempt to take a photo of the three of them, the only one that listens to me is D. Also, if you look closely out of the three dogs, Denali is the only one not on a leash smiling for me. Shocking…Yes.. Denali, I love you.. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

April 5, 2012

Happy Easter

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With this weekends holiday upon us, I though it would be fun to get my son Denali into the spirit. So, I got D a cute bonnet for his head and found some 3 week old baby chickens. Speaking of ‘chickens,’ this was Denali’s first experience with them. When I met the owner of the chicken’s, the first thing she said was, “He’s not going to eat them is he??” I responded, “No, no, he’s a vegetarian,” as D ran in circles around me, my brother, and the nice chicken lady. Have a HAPPY HAPPY holiday weekend.. Hugs and Kisses, love Denali!

April 2, 2012

Cookie Monster

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Saturday morning I decided to bake some cookies for my family. Since D always likes to monitor my cookies, I placed them in the center of the table to cool. To help protect the cookies from my son, I thought it would be wise to push a chair in front of them. Nature called so I left the room and when I returned, to my amusement, D had somehow moved and propped himself on the chair for a better look at my cookies.. I have to admit, D always amazes me. Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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