February 6, 2012

Puppy Love

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I thought it was time to give everyone a status update of Denali’s buddy, Remi, the ‘puppy’ Great Dane. In June, I shared the photo on the right, and Saturday morning with the help of Remi’s mum and pockets full of treats, I took the photo on the left. OMG Remi is HUGE! He currently weighs over 100 lbs and D is still at 74 lbs. On a few occasions when the boys have been playing outside, Remi has stepped over Denali and D had no clue (Too bad I did not have my camera on me). Remi is so tall, once when I was playing with him and he stood up while I was standing over him, I almost went for my first horseback/Great Dane ride!! I love those two boys and his brother, Bentley. Have a great week everyone!!

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