January 30, 2012

Dogs Nose

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Sunday morning, I rolled over on my bed and I noticed something sticking out on the side of my bed and smiled. Normally, D is always laying curled up, back to back with me in bed. Apparently, the down blanket on my bed must be too warm, so during the night he got off the bed and laid on the cool hardwood floors instead. Denali, you’re so cute checking up on Momma. Have a great week everyone!

January 26, 2012

Doggie Spa

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Early Tuesday morning, I was in front of my mirror applying a moisturizing face mask and Denali would not leave me alone. I’m not sure if it was the smell of the cream or that mommy’s face suddenly became incredibly white. To keep him happy, (note: I’m not sure he was expecting this) I put my robe on him, found a scarf to keep his hair away from his face, and had him sit in front of the mirror. When I brought out the cucumbers, he tried to eat them as I was placing them on my face and his snout and eyes. So I taped a dog treat to the side of the mirror and remarkably, he sat like a good boy as I placed them on his face to help hydrate, you know. Denali you’re AWESOME. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

January 23, 2012

Saturday Night

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Saturday night, Denali and I spent the night at my parents home. We ended up falling asleep with D on my old bed. You’d think he would want to spend the whole night next to me, his mother. But no, I awoke at 4 a.m. to my father hollering “Lay down Denali, lay down.” He must have wanted to play the paw game, I love you Denali!

January 19, 2012

Man’s Best Friend

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Tuesday evening D and I stayed for dinner at my parents home. Customarily after dinner, my father takes a nap in his ‘treasured’ recliner he purchase in the early 1970’s. Honestly, it’s probably one of the cutest things my mum and I always chuckle at because as soon as my father gets up from the table, D who is always close to my dad, gets up too and follows him to the recliner and takes a nap next to him. I just love it. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

January 16, 2012

Brushing your dogs teeth

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I love to brush my teeth, and D taking after his mother, loves to have his teeth brushed too. Weekly, I brush his teeth and currently we are using the mint flavored doggie toothpaste which is wonderful because it smells so much better than the pork flavored. Every time I take out his toothbrush, D starts to drool and go crazy as if I have a treat in my hand. So, Saturday morning just before I brushed his teeth, I took a photo to share with all of his friends as a friendly reminder…Don’t forget to brush your dogs teeth. Have a great week everyone!!!

January 12, 2012

Doggie Day Care

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Tuesday morning Denali and I had the pleasure of doggie sitting Bentley, D’s fellow canine neighbor. Denali and Bentley get along really well and usually chase after each other in the yard. I never thought the two kids would have decided to chase each other in my very petite home, but that’s what they did. After brewing my second pot of espresso, and with hopes of keeping myself sane and saving the interior of my home, I decided it was time to somewhat control the dogs. So… It’s truly amazing what you can get two crazy dogs to do for a beef stick! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

January 9, 2012

Rear View

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I’ll title this Denali post, “rear view.” Everyone knows that my son Denali is a very nosy boy. If he hears a noise, it does not matter what he’s doing, he’ll take off to the front window. Every so often, I hear him at the window growling at someone or something. Then I’ll yell at him, “Lose the attitude D,” and he’ll start to waggle his tail and whine. Over the weekend, D was on duty again and I thought he looked so cute so I took his photo…note: excuse the rear view.  Have a great week everyone!!

January 5, 2012

Cold Weather

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Now that it’s January, we have actually started to get some cold weather in Ohio. Wednesday morning when I woke up, I left D laying on my bed and went into the kitchen to make some espresso. When I finished, I came back into my bedroom and I heard some soft snoring and noticed that Denali had disappeared in my bed. After moving my comforter, I found D snoozing in my warm bed covered in MY blankets. “Denali, you have the life,” I told him as he looked at me and snuggled back into his spot. I love him. Have a fabulous weekend everyone and stay warm!!

January 2, 2012

Morning Run

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Even though it was sprinkling out on Sunday morning, the first day of January, I thought it would be fun to take Denali for a quick walk. I grabbed my umbrella, camera, and Denali’s leash. As usual, D was the first out the door pulling me as I held on to his leash. When we got down the street I noticed that D took a moment to sniff one of his favorite bushes. I then unhooked his leash and took off running the opposite way. By the time he noticed I was gone I was a few houses away from him and he took off running to me. I love you Denali! Have a great week everyone!!!

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