September 1, 2011

Alarm Clock

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In the morning if I do not feel the urge to get up, note this is usually a little after 6am, I have a little encouragement from someone. It all starts with his tail banging on the side of my bed, then he puts his head on the edge of my bed, just stares, and SIGHS repeatedly really loud at me. Now, if Denali has successfully completed these three steps and I’m still not up, he then lunges the front portion of his body on my bed with his feet still on the floor. (Note, I assume his tail is waggling at this time.) He then continues to stare at me very deeply, nudging my arm until I get up or he joins me on my bed. So I assume he either wants breakfast, a walk, or alone time with mother nature. It’s quite interesting how dogs communicate with you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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