September 29, 2011

Dog Glasses

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In the midst of all this rain, we actually had nice weather for a day this past week. To take advantage of it Denali, a friend, and I went for a ride in my Jeep. Being the protective mother that I am, I had D wear his trendy Doggles for the ride. Denali however, was not too happy about wearing them and he pouted, whined and went in circles on the back seat. Despite his dramatic performance, D finally caved in and stuck his head out of the window and boy did he look cute. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

September 26, 2011


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Denali and I want welcome all his new fans and send out a special Thank You to Rebecca Regnier, Justin Billau, and intern Lindsay with ABC Channel 13 News in Toledo, Ohio. After they finished working with Denali, I had them all pose with him for a photo. The best part is, Friday when we were watching the segment at my parents home and the story about Denali started, he ran up to the TV and started barking at himself… O’ Denali, I’m not sure if he knew that it was him or just another really good looking golden. I just love him. Have a great week everyone!!

September 22, 2011


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How do you interview Denali?? Well… just ask Rebecca Regnier, reporter with Channel 13 ABC NEWS in Toledo, Ohio. In the midst of getting her hands, legs, and ears cleaned by Denali, Rebecca, along with photojournalist Justin Billau and intern Lindsey, completed the daunting task. The segment will air on Friday in Toledo, Ohio on Channel 13 ABC as the last segment of their six o’clock news. If you do not live in the Toledo area, have no fear, I will include the segment along with Denali’s Monday post. Have a fabulous weekend..thank you Channel 13 and Go DENALI!!!!

September 19, 2011

Pet Travel

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Over the weekend, Denali and I spent time with my mother while she was organizing some clothes for a trip with my dad. All three of us where hanging out in the bedroom while she was packing their suitcase. I was seated on her bed and I thought Denali was resting at the foot of the bed like he normally does. When my mother turned around to put some clothes in her suitcase, she burst out into laughter when she saw Denali sitting IN her suitcase with a big smile on his face. OMG…Really.. Denali is that a hint..hint!! Have a great week everyone!!!

September 15, 2011

Food Network

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Whenever Denali and I eat dinner at my parents home, he always gets me in trouble. As soon as we sit down at the table, Denali eagerly runs over to my father and rests his head on his lap. Soon after, he lifts his head up which moves my dad’s arm and suddenly the lectures begin. “Control your dog” are usually the first words spoken, which is soon followed by “I want to eat in peace” and “He needs obedience school”. A short time later he normally says, “I’m going in the other room with my plate”. It’s interesting how I get the lectures when I’m minding my own business eating my dinner… Thanks Denali! Have a great weekend everyone!

September 12, 2011

University of Toledo

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My father, uncle, and the majority of my family in the Toledo area will truly be shocked with this Denali photo. The reason is, Denali and I are BGSU alum, UT and BG are huge rivals. This past Saturday, the underdog University of Toledo Rockets played OSU in Columbus. It’s been the game everyone has been talking about. UT did a great job even though they lost, it was well fought to the last minutes of the game. So, to show I’m a good sport GO FALCONS, I found a jersey of the player of the game, Eric Page, told Denali to put on a game face and took his photo. Good game UT!

September 8, 2011

Rainy Days

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It’s been gloomy, cold, and rainy in Ohio the past few days and it’s amazing to think we almost hit 100 degrees over the weekend. Well, Denali and I have been busy working on our 2011 Denali The Dog holiday photo. I’m not sure if the rain and cold got to Denali but when I saw this outtake, I thought I should share it with his friends… I’ll title the photo, “It’s been one of those days”. Have a good weekend everyone!

September 5, 2011

Labor Day

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HAPPY LABOR DAY to all love Denali..ruff ruff

September 1, 2011

Alarm Clock

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In the morning if I do not feel the urge to get up, note this is usually a little after 6am, I have a little encouragement from someone. It all starts with his tail banging on the side of my bed, then he puts his head on the edge of my bed, just stares, and SIGHS repeatedly really loud at me. Now, if Denali has successfully completed these three steps and I’m still not up, he then lunges the front portion of his body on my bed with his feet still on the floor. (Note, I assume his tail is waggling at this time.) He then continues to stare at me very deeply, nudging my arm until I get up or he joins me on my bed. So I assume he either wants breakfast, a walk, or alone time with mother nature. It’s quite interesting how dogs communicate with you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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