August 29, 2011

Glass Tables

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This is why I do not have a glass dining table. Over the weekend Denali and I ate one of my favorite things for dinner at a friends house… breakfast. Well, as soon as we sat the plates on the table and started to eat, I suddenly felt as if I was being watched from an odd angle. I then looked down at my plate, moved my napkin just a tad to the right, and there I discovered Denali smiling at me from under the glass. O’ this is just lovely, I thought to myself, but this is Denali and what’s not to love. Have a great week everyone!

August 25, 2011


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If you all remember, on June 30th I posted a photo of Denali and our new neighbor, Remi the 9 week old puppy great dane. Originally, I planned on posting a photo of the two of them in October when I thought Remi might be a bit bigger. Well, within a month and a half I changed my mind after seeing how fast the little guy had grown. Remi is currently 4 months old and he is almost as tall as D. Also, on a side note, this photo was extermely hard to shoot. I have a feeling the two buddies must have had a plan to see how many treats they could get between their mothers. They both refused to sit unless they had a treat and then once they had the treat, they were either licking their lips, example #1 Denali on the left, or pouting, example #2 Remi on the right! Have a great weekend everyone!

August 22, 2011

The Andersons

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I’m excited to introduce the newest and largest retail store that will be selling my Denali The Dog cards… THE ANDERSONS!! The Anderson’s is a local hometown store based out of Maumee, Ohio with stores in the Toledo and Columbus, Ohio area. To start off our adventure, the Anderson’s have agreed to sell Denali’s, DENALI THE DOG greeting cards in their PET DEPARTMENT at their Maumee and Toledo stores and hopefully within time his cards will be sold in their Columbus stores also. To help Denali get better acquainted with the Anderson’s, Dan Anderson, President of the Anderson’s Retail Group and VP of Corporate Services, posed with Denali at their headquarters in Maumee, Ohio. Thank you to the Anderson’s, we look forward to working with you!

August 18, 2011

Dog Ice Cream

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Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious love for ice cream, aka gelato. It seems that during the summer, it’s a daily must have that Denali requires also. I have, on occasion, purchased him doggie ice cream, but honestly whatever I’m eating, he’s always more interested in having anyways. So, yesterday instead of making espresso after our lunch, I decided to have some scrumptious cappuccino chip ice cream/yogurt. After I had my limit, I removed the remaining chocolate chips and let Denali enjoy his his fill. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!..

August 15, 2011


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Over the weekend I thought it would be fun to go canoeing with Denali and honestly, I’m not sure what I was thinking. Even before we got into the canoe, D was already in the water mastering his fabulous doggie paddle. Then somehow I tricked him into joining me in the canoe as my friend pushed us into the lake before he jumped in. When we were afloat, Denali decided it was time for a drink and nearly tipped us as he stuck his head into the water. As we arrived to the middle of the lake, Denali bravely decided it was THEN time to join my friend at the front of the canoe. When he arrived, I noticed the two boys were having a serious discussion because within minutes the boat started to rock back and forth. The last words I remember hearing my friend scream were “DENALI!” The interesting part of this story is that you have two grown adults and a dog swimming in the middle of the lake. Who do you think would make it to shore first?? Yep.. That’s correct folks, Denali, aka professional doggie model and now champion swimmer. Have a great week everyone!..

August 11, 2011

Dog Obedience

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When I let Denali outside to visit mother nature, he usually has company. Normally Bentley, the weimaraner and Remi, the (large) puppy great dane, are at my side door begging for treats and waiting to play with D. On this occasion, like many times before, his buddies were waiting for Denali. Attempting to be creative, I grabbed my camera with hopes of getting a photo of the gang. Well, to my shock and amusement, when I asked them to sit still for a photo the only one who listened was Denali. Yes, you heard that correct folks. Denali actually listened to his mother!! Wow!! D sat on the sidewalk step smiling at me while Remi was trying to chew my sidewalk step and Bentley was playing, ‘I don’t hear you, there’s no treat in your hand’. Denali, I love you!! Have a great weekend everyone!..

August 8, 2011

Dog Birthday Cake

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Denali and I want to thank everyone for all of the fabulous birthday wishes. As they were coming in, I was reading them to D as he was banging his tail with excitement against the floor, wall, kitchen cabinets, and even during his afternoon nap on my bed, he continued to wiggle his tail with excitement. On Saturday, I held a party for Denali and I made him his own doggie safe, peanut butter and whole wheat cake. Yes, it does not sound the greatest and it surely did not smell the best while it was baking, but have no fear, Denali devoured it in minutes. Go D! This is one of the photos I shot in my little studio during Denali’s party, of him enjoying his most horrid smelling, dog friendly birthday cake. Have a great weekend everyone!!..

August 4, 2011


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On the eve of my son’s 10th birthday, I thought it would be fun to share with you an early photo of Denali. This photo was taken in October of 2001 and of course, Denali is the little puppy who is playing with my cousins beautiful golden, Bailey.

Denali, you’re a spark and a smile in my life and you’re my most loyal companion who I love dearly.


PS: On Monday I’ll post photos from his weekend party

August 1, 2011

Shuttle Launch

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You can title this Denali photo Weeeeeee, SPLASH!, or The launch of SPACE SHUTTLE Denali.. NASA may have killed the space program, but nobody told Denali that. My son, Denali, had a blast this past weekend jumping off of a friends pontoon boat at their private lake home. He was the star of the afternoon showing off his talented doggie paddle along with his superb doggie dives. Denali was a burst of energy leaping into the lake from the boat then swimming back to the shore, running back onto the dock, jumping into the boat and leaping out the back. He kept on doing this over and over until I grabbed him and made him take a little siesta. When he started up again and in the midst of his afternoon performance, I took a photo to share with everyone. Momma loves you Denali!

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