July 28, 2011

Dog Yoga

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Denali has a variety of positions he likes to relax in. I have to admit that some of the ways he maneuvers himself into are quite interesting. For example, Tuesday we were hanging out at my parents, aka Denali’s grandma’s and grandpa’s, and this was his afternoon pose. I’m not sure how this position is comfy, you’d have to ask Denali for the logistics on that. Maybe it’s his version of doggie yoga, but Denali can spend hours in these positions completely relaxed and sometimes he’s even snoring. However, if perhaps the doorbell rings, he leaps to his feet within seconds charging at the door with a fearless bark while my mother is running after him. I love you Denali!

July 25, 2011

Dogs & Ice Cream

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Denali and I have a major love, or you could call it ‘addiction’, to ice cream. So over the hot sticky weekend, two of my favorite little ladies, their mum, Denali, and I visited Mr Freeze, a local hot spot in Perrysburg for ice cream. Minutes after little Miss J and her sister climbed into the back of my Jeep along with Denali, the first words out of her mouth was, “This is going to be fun!”. When we arrived at Mr Freeze, and just after I purchased my delicious peanut butter ice cream cone, I had the girls and Denali pose for a photo. I was not planning on posting this photo, but to my surprise, I changed my mind after looking at it closely. The photo makes me laugh because it describes the girls and Denali’s personality to a T. If you look closely, Miss Gabby in the center is actually listening to me and looking at me while little Miss J and Denali have eyes only for my delicious ice cream cone. Oh I just love them all. Have a great week everyone!

July 21, 2011

Extreme Heat

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It has been hot, I mean really HOT in Ohio this week, so being a thoughtful mum to my extra hairy son, I borrow my neighbors kiddy pool. With the help of my brother, we filled it while Denali observed us from afar. Once it was filled, he nervously walked over to it and gulped down some water. I’m sure he must have been thinking, ‘boy momma’s got me a large water bowl’. After a bit of encouragement from my brother and I (note we were both standing in the kiddy pool at this time), Denali joined us. He LOVED it!! He was prancing around, going in circles, having so much fun. Even my neighbor, Remi & Bentley’s mum, opened her door and said, “OMG he’s laying down!”. Have a great weekend everyone and stay cool!!

July 18, 2011

Golden Retrievers

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Denali and I had a golden visitor last week. His name is Teddy, he’s five years old, and he’s huggable and lovable just like D. The only difference between the two golden’s is that Teddy actually listens to his mother. It was truly exciting for me to watch Teddy do his commands while my son, Denali, was eagerly trying to swipe Teddy’s treats. After his exciting talent show, we all went outside and watched the dogs chase each others tails in my front yard. Finally, with the help of Teddy’s mother and a few more doggie treats, we had them pose together for a photo. Pssst: Denali is on the right and I LOVE GOLDENS!!!

July 14, 2011

Professional Model

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Denali and I are currently working on a new photo to add to his Denali The Dog photo collection. Thankfully, Wednesday was a cool day while Denali was in all his glory, modeling for me in some of his extensive wardrobe. As usual, Denali just being Denali with his model attitude, decided at 11am, to be exact, that he was done working for the day. So I am sharing with you all today, one of many ‘on strike’ photos. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

July 11, 2011

Dog Washing

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My goal over the weekend was to wash Denali. However, after finding myself lost in some lovely poison ivy while on assignment in Michigan, I decided to hand the duties off to my dad and brother. To refresh everyone’s memory, Denali loves the water but hates the water when it comes to bath time. After playing a three to one person game of ‘catch me if you can’ with Denali losing, our afternoon adventure began. In the midst of running after Denali and having my father yelling at me numerous times, “I will never give the dog a bath again!”, I found time to take a photo. Have a fabulous week everyone!

July 7, 2011

Watermelon & Dogs

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Two of our favorite things to eat during the summer are ice cream and watermelon. Recently, Denali and I have been setting new, all time records with our ice cream intake, so I though to be healthy for a day, I purchased us a watermelon. Denali, in his typical D mode, gladly ate the watermelon in record speed as my dad, aka “grandpa”, held the slice and Denali’s paws got drenched in watermelon juice. “Tomorrow we’re back to ice cream”, I told Denali after looking at his pink sticky paws. Have a great weekend everyone!

July 4, 2011

July 4th

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Happy Birthday America love Denali

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